Transponder and Chip Key Programming

20 Aug Transponder and Chip Key Programming

Transponder chips were introduced for car keys in the 1980s as an anti-theft measure and are standard on nearly all cars and trucks manufactured since the mid- to late 90s. They emit a small radio signal to the car’s ignition system that has to be recognized in order for it to work. Originally paired with standard keys, today many car manufacturers are using laser-cut keys for an added measure of security.

Duplicating for Function and Cut

Duplicating transponder keys can vary greatly in complexity and cost. It depends largely on how many functions the key performs and how it is cut. If the key has a standard-cut shank and the head only has an ignition lock transponder, you may be able have a new key cut and then program it yourself. Check your owner’s manual or search online to see if this is possible for your vehicle. Some full-service locksmiths and car dealerships can read the code from an existing key and program a new one for you.

Keep a Simple-Cut Spare

Many vehicles have the transponder key and the fob that controls the remote locks all-in-one unit. This adds to the cost of the key and can make it more difficult to get a spare anywhere but from a dealership. One way to guard against lock-outs is to have a spare key cut without programming the chip. It won’t start your car, but may open the door so you can retrieve the key you locked inside.

Replacement Key Vehicle Information and Proof of Ownership

If you lose your only key, you may need both vehicle information and proof of ownership in order to get a functioning replacement. Most of this information is available from your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your car registration. Keeping copies of your registration and ID outside your vehicle can save time and trouble since registrations are typically kept in glove boxes and modern glove boxes and car doors are often operated with the very key you lost.

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