High-Security and Sidewinder Cut Keys

High-security keys are standard on nearly all cars made in the past decade or more. They can be standard-cut keys with a transponder chip in the handle or laser-cut “sidewinder keys” that represent the next layer of vehicle security.

Laser-cut sidewinder keys are thicker, have smooth outside edges, and have the unlocking code cut into a serpentine groove winding down the center of the key. This makes them much harder to copy and reproduce. The equipment needed to cut these keys is significantly more expensive than standard key-cutting machines, so servicing them is less widely available and mostly found at higher-end locksmiths and car dealerships. Since they have transponder chips imbedded in the key handle, the locksmith needs the ability to program them, as well.

High-End Auto Protection

Modern keys offer much greater convenience and protection for your vehicle, but it comes with a price. Because of all their features, high-security sidewinder keys are considerably more expensive than standard-cut keys, often costing $250 or more. And replacing lost or stolen keys can be an even more expensive hassle if you’re locked out or you don’t have the documentation you need.

24-Hour Vehicle Service

Lock problems seem to come at the worst possible times. When you need fast, affordable locksmith services, call Alexius Security at 303.974.0215.

Our mobile locksmith service answers every call 24/7 and responds promptly, arriving with all the tools and knowledge to get you going. We can repair and replace locks and keys for nearly all makes and models, including those with sophisticated locking and theft-prevention systems. And we do it for less than a car dealer would charge.

Our vehicle services include making and servicing high-security locks and keys, repairing broken locks, and even re-keying your vehicle’s locks if the need arises. We work on everything from cars and motorcycles to RVs, boats, aircraft and construction equipment.

All of our services come with an upfront, honest price quote before the work is done.

Denver’s Security Locksmith Professionals

Alexius Security Lock & Key, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths, has served the Metro Denver area with honest, affordable locksmith services for over 16 years. Our staff is highly-trained, professional and courteous. Our business is bonded and insured and our products and services are guaranteed. That’s why we’ve received a Better Business Bureau Gold Star certification five years in a row and are part of Angie’s List and the Tom Martino Troubleshooter Network.

Our services go beyond simply working on locks. We can advise you about the best systems for your safety and convenience and recommend security measures for all of your property. Just give us a call at 303.617.3717 or use our online contact form for prompt, professional attention to all your security needs.

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