Broken Car Key Extraction

28 Aug Broken Car Key Extraction

Although it’s less common with newer, thicker laser-cut keys, car keys can still get stuck or broken in your ignition or door locks. When that happens to you, here are some things you can try.

Put the Ignition in a Neutral Position

 If it’s your ignition key that’s the problem, try to rotate the lock cylinder to the “Off” or “Locked” position if it’s not already there. The running or accessory positions won’t release the key for removal. Some switches have flanges you can use for leverage, or you may be able to use pliers to grip the key’s stub. If not, you may be able to slip a thin blade into the lock cylinder and turn it. Just be careful or you may damage the lock in the process.

Use Pliers to Remove the Key

If there’s enough of the key extended from the cylinder to grab with pliers, count yourself lucky. You may find some “helpful advice” online about using super glue, putty or wax to grab the key stub better, but be careful or you might just find your key permanently glued to the ignition.

Use a Thin Blade to Grab the Key

You may be able to slip a thin hacksaw blade or even a wire coat hanger into the lock and try to get the teeth of the blade to grab the key so you can pull it out. Once again, be careful or you may damage the lock even further.

Buy a Key Puller

 Some hardware or auto parts stores carry a device known as a key puller or lock removal tool. It’s a thin piece of metal with barbs on it that you can slip into the cylinder and use to work the key stub out. Of course this only works if you broke your key in front of the store or have some other way of getting there.

Keep the Broken Parts

 You didn’t throw that broken key away, did you? A locksmith can probably make a new key from the old one even if it’s broken. If you’ve managed to get the broken key out, save both pieces and take them to a locksmith. It can save you the cost of having to re-key lock.

Call a Locksmith 

A professional locksmith will have both the tools and experience to extract a broken key on the spot. Good ones will arrive with the tools to not only get your broken key out, but make you a new key and repair any damage to the lock. Even if your key has a security chip, the locksmith should have the necessary equipment and knowledge to duplicate it.

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