Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Now that the weather has turned nice, you’ll find many more excuses to ride your bike. Of course the more places you take your bike, the more opportunities there are for bad guys to try to make your bike theirs. If they’re pros, they can have your bike in their hands in a minute or less.

Follow these tips to help keep that from happening.

Remove Temptation

Motorcycle thieves, like most other crooks, are opportunists. If they can’t see it, they don’t know to steal it. A locked garage is your best defense, but if you have to leave it out, put a cover on your cycle. That way, if they’re pros looking for a particular make or model to steal, it won’t be recognizable on a random drive-by. If you’re parking outdoors, park in a well-lit spot. Thieves prefer working in the dark.

Lock It Up

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many motorcycles get stolen simply because their owner didn’t bother with locks. Lock it even if it’s in your garage. And when you leave, don’t forget to take a lock or chain with you. You gotta have it to use it.

Lock It High

If you’re using a U-lock or chain, keep the lock high enough that a thief can’t use the pavement or ground for leverage to pry it loose.

Tie It Down

Disc and wheel locks won’t stop a pro. They’ll just haul away your cycle, locks and all. Securing your bike’s frame to an immovable object will put that to a halt. If you’re riding with another biker and there’s nothing solid to latch on to, tie two or more bikes together to make haul-aways tougher.

Two Locks Are Better Than One

For one thing, it takes longer to defeat them. That prospect alone will deter many thieves.

Disable the Bike

Install a kill switch, or simply pull the main fuse and take it with you. It won’t stop a haul-away, but at least they won’t be able to drive it off.

Pay Attention

Thieves prefer to work without an audience, so keep an eye out, especially in vulnerable places. Be aware of anyone following you suspiciously. They may want your bike enough to follow you and wait for you to leave the cycle unattended. If you’re concerned, take evasive measures to verify the situation and don’t stop until you’re safe. Bikes get hijacked, too, so keep safely away from suspicious characters, and don’t be afraid to call a cop if you feel threatened.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Buying cheap locks is false economy. Pros carry bolt cutters that can snap a weak chain or flimsy lock in a second. And many can pick cheap locks, too.

Locks and security systems should be chosen carefully. For expert advice on keeping your motorcycle safe, talk to one of our professionals. Our locksmiths been installing and maintaining security systems for over 16 years and are happy to discuss your security needs. Give us a call at 303.974.0215 for prompt, courteous attention.

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