Key Replacement or a New Lock? The Why and When to Choosing the Right One

It’s not always easy to make the decision of whether to re-key an existing lock, or replace it with a new one. Sometimes, all it takes is a re-key to make your home safe again. Other times, it takes replacing your existing locks to ensure the security of your home.

Here, we will discuss the reasons to replace your locks and when to re-key them. Hopefully, this will give some insight, and “unlock” the mystery of the why & when.

Generally, it’s a good idea to re-key the locks on your home when that extra key that you’ve passed around among friends who have had access to your home (past house/pet/baby sitters) doesn’t get returned. Now, chances are pretty low that these close friends and members of your support team are going to come back in the dead of night and relieve you of your valuables while you sleep. And the odds that they’ve made copies that could wind up in the hands of someone less trustworthy are probably less than winning the lottery. For a non-returned spare key, a locksmith will happily re-key your home and you will be good to go with the level of security you had the day you installed those locks.

However, there are situations when a new lock is in order. These are the times when you may not know exactly where that spare key is or whom you gave it to. Peace of mind with your home security is paramount to your family’s safety. Here are some scenarios when you’ll definitely want to change those locks:

Moving to a New House

Often times, when you purchase a home your final step is the official receiving of the keys. You most likely don’t know the whereabouts of any additional copies, or exactly when the re-key was performed, so it’s a good time to invest in new locks.

After a Break-In

Even after a burglar has broken into your house and stolen your stuff, there is no reason to think they will never come back. Additionally, if it wasn’t a forced break-in, you will definitely want to change out all locks on your home.

When Keys Are Lost or Stolen

When you suddenly realize your keys are lost or stolen, you should assume they are being used to gain entry to your home by someone who has no right to be there. It’s time to replace your locks immediately. Inevitably, you may come across those “lost” keys at some point, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

Upgrading Locks

If you have a single cylinder lock, it doesn’t provide even half of the security as a double cylinder lock-set. For this reason opting in for a new lock is your best decision for improved security of your home.

Faulty Locks

If you find that your key “sticks” in the lock often, or you have trouble turning the key more often than not, then your lock is likely faulty and needs to be replaced. The locksmith can clean your key, but if it continues to give your trouble, then your locks need to be changed.

If you are unsure whether you need to re-key a lock or replace it entirely, feel free to call us or email us to schedule an appointment

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