Choosing the Best Lock for Motorcycle Security

19 May Choosing the Best Lock for Motorcycle Security

You know better than to leave your motorcycle unsecured and vulnerable to theft, but what is the best way to keep it safe when it’s out of your sight? The answer depends partly on where you’re leaving it and for how long.

Chain or Cable with Keyed or Combination Lock

For quick stops in low-crime areas, a chain or cable that passes through a structural part of your bike and attaches to a permanent object with a keyed or combination lock may do the job. They’re lightweight, convenient to use, and fit easily in small compartments or pouches.


Medium-risk areas like college campuses or monitored parking lots call for tougher measures like U-locks or at least beefed-up chains or cables. The benefit of a bulkier U-lock is that it resists hammers, chisels, and bolt-cutters, and keeping the open space between it and the object you’re anchoring to at a minimum limits the usability of crowbars or other levers to pry it loose.

Heavy-Duty Chains, Tamper-Resistant Locks, U-Locks and Disc Locks for Maximum Security

Parking a cycle for extended periods of time increases the risk that a well-equipped thief will happen by. When that’s an issue, or in any high-crime or high-risk area, it’s time for more sophisticated measures.

For maximum security, a two-pronged defense is recommended. First, secure the bike to an immovable object with a heavy-duty chain and a tamper-resistant lock. Then use a U-lock or disc lock to prevent roll-away if the first line of defense is broken.

Locks and security systems should be chosen carefully. For expert advice on keeping your motorcycle safe, talk to the pros at Alexius Security Lock & Key, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths. We’ve been installing and maintaining security systems for over 16 years and are happy to discuss your security needs. Give us a call at 303.974.0215 for prompt, courteous attention.

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