Key Guards vs. Key Cabinets – Which is Right for You?

When it comes to securing your business, you need to make sure your investments are safe. If your business uses keys as part of the routinedaily operations (you’re in and out of cabinets, safes, locked drawers, etc.), you may want to look into investing in a key guard or key cabinets.

These simple tools not only help when it comes to protecting against theft, but also improve office organization and maintenance. Having your keys organized and kept in a professional safe where you can track changes and read logs keeps your businessprofessional and your employeesresponsible.

Key Cabinets and Key Guards Offer Top Protection

The critical difference between key guards (also known as key safes or key boxes) and key cabinetsis their size. Key cabinets are larger and accommodate many keys (like a locker or closet for your keys), while key guards are smaller and house only a couple of keys.

Key Cabinets for Multiple Key Management

If you have several keys or more that you and your employees use on a day-to-day basis, you will find that key cabinets are your best option. Key cabinets can store multiple keys on hooks,keeping them organized and easy to access so that you are not left scrambling around searching for key after key. If you need a portable option as you travel to different job sites, you can invest in a portable key cabinet.

Don’t risk letting one of many keys go missing because of a poor organization system! When there are lots of keys floating around, it can sometimes take days before you notice one may be lost. With a key cabinet, you can have peace of mind because not only will all the keys be kept in one organized area, the master log inside of the key cabinet (when maintained regularly) will keep track of where each key is, when and with whom. Maintain another copy of the log and store somewhere private that only you can access just in case, to ensure you always have a list for reference.

When installing a key cabinet to your office, make sure it’s somewhere out of sight from your customers or the public.

Key Guards for Homes and Landlords

If you need only a few keys for your business, consider a key guard instead. These smaller boxes mount to an area near where they are being used to safeguard a small number of keys that can be accessed by a lock combination.

Key guards are useful in many situations, but are especially helpful and the best option for landlords who have smaller properties that they rent out. For instance, if you are an Air BnB participant who occasionally rents out your property, you may want to invest in a key guard for the residence.

Key guards should be mounted on the outside of your property yet out of plain sight (you might consider putting it on the side of your house). After they are put in place, you can hold between1 to 5 keys inside, and then lockthe key guard using a code that you share with your renters after they have signed.

The best part about key guards is that you can change the code so you don’t have to worry about a potential renter coming to your property and trying to get back into it later.

Professional Locksmith Services and Consultations

Whether you prefer a key cabinet or a key guard, Alexius Denver’s Locksmith is available to help you implement the right protection for your needs. Contact us today to get assistance with evaluating your business operations to get you set up and organized with the proper protection.

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