Keep Company Vehicle Keys Safe

14 Dec Keep Company Vehicle Keys Safe

If you own a car dealership, rental agency or even an organization with several company vehicles, chances are you deal with multiple sets of car keys on a daily basis. With customers, employees and even a maintenance crew needing access to them, it is easy to lose track of where they are, who is using them and when.

Fortunately, there are options and ways to not only keep track of who is using the keys and where they are, but also to help prevent theft as well. Choosing the right option for your business is a matter of evaluating your business needs and picking a solution that meets all of your requirements.Key safe deposit boxes and keypad door locks are great places to start.

Key Safe Deposit Boxes for Multiple Vehicles

If your company revolves around having a fleet of cars, you may have several circumstances when a customer needs to return or drop off a car during non-business hours. Of course, you do not want to lose business by not being able to service these customers, but you also need a very secure system to make sure that they are dropping off the keys in a safe place.

In this case, using a key cabinet with a safety deposit feature would work best for your business. Key safe deposit boxes allowcustomers to safely return keys without being able to access the other keys located in the cabinet.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re choosing a safety key system with high security that can’t be easily broken into, as you want to deter thieves from trying to break in and stealing the keys. There are several intelligent key cabinet systems available in the market that can keep track of when a key was deposited into the box, when someone else may have opened the box and also who last took a key from out of the box. This type of logging system can now also be available to access on your smartphone. As a business owner, this gives you real-time protection and tracking so that any type of theft attempt or problem can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Keypad Door Locks for Storage Security

Keypad locks are becoming increasingly more popular, not only with car industry businesses, but also with homeowners who are renting out their homes as vacation properties. Whether you need to protect the office closet containing keys and other valuables, a vehicle garage or other room, installing a keypad door lock provides the enhanced security necessary for your peace of mind.

Keypad locks can be installed by a professional locksmith and vary in size and style. They can require either a key ora code to access the room/property. Either way, this code will be set by the owner and is able to be changed as needed.

Another perk of keypad locks is that they come with Wi-Fi options and keys that access the Cloud in order to help with assisting customers and employees. With this feature, you can keep track of who opened the door, when was it opened, when was it last accessed etc., allowing you to stay up-to-date on your business and keep a close monitor on your property.

Whether you need a key cabinet capable of storing many keys or a keypad lock to protect your office supply closet, Alexius Denver’s Locksmith is available to help you with setup and installation. Contact us so that we can help assist you with the best option to enhance your business and give you a peace of mind in knowing your business is protected.

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