How to Prevent Lock and Cylinder Snapping

Unfortunately, there is a high chance of a burglar being able to get into your home right through your front door. If your front lock uses a euro cylinder, it is vulnerable to lock snapping (also referred to as cylinder snapping). This can be done with relatively common tools that burglars can get at any home improvement store. Because of this risk, if you suspect that you have euro cylinders on your doors (or know that you do), it’s important to get them changed right away as you do not want to be a victim of burglary and theft (or worse).

How Lock Snapping Works

Using easily available tools, snapping euro cylinder locks doesn’t require any type of experience or special skills (you could easily break into your own home using this technique!). The euro cylinder has a weak point in its design, located in the middle of the lock, called the fixing hole.

With the right tool and a little force and knowledge of this weak point, thieves can snap the euro cylinder in two! When the front part of the cylinder “snaps,” the locking mechanism of the cylinder is exposed. A thief has now successfully broken off the lock of your home within a matter of minutes (even seconds!). Now the thief can get in and out of your home quickly, taking your valuables with him.

Prevent Lock Snapping with Anti-Snap Caps

The great news here is that there are new lock cylinders that can fully protect your home. Feeling safe in your home again is simply a matter of calling a qualified locksmith to inspect whether you are at risk and, if needed, to install these new locks on your doors.

Most locksmiths can provide more secure cylinders for your home. The important feature to look out for when comparing price and availability of locks is that the cylinder has anti-snap caps. These protect you against thieves attempting to use the lock snapping technique described above.

With anti-snap caps in place, burglars can break only a small front portion of the lock. Additional levels of protection from the lock mechanism leave the thieves unable to get into your home. What’s even better is that when you get home, you will still be able to unlock your door and contact the proper authorities.

Call a Locksmith for Guaranteed Protection

As always, there are do-it-yourself options on the market, but to be sure you are truly protected, it is best to contact a certified locksmith to help you install the cylinders with the proper fit on your home.

Break-ins are much more common than you think. There is no reason to continue to be at risk. There are a variety of affordable solutions that can be used to keep your family away from the dangerous risks of a home break-in. At Alexius Security Lock & Key, we help check your home and exchange out your old euro cylinder locks for new protection for you and your family to give you and your family a peace of mind. Call us at 303-974-0215!

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