Prevent Frozen Locks this Winter

The holiday season is quickly approaching and fall is giving way to winter as we speak. As nice as the snow is to look at, the cold temperatures and freezing rain can wreak havoc on your locks. When it comes to your home or business’s security, exterior door and window locks are the front lines […]

5 Locksmith Secrets Revealed

The career of a locksmith is one often shrouded in mystery. Although it is a long-standing trade in society, there is a much darker theme to most people regarding where the skills were learned and how they are used. We will shed some light on the myths, and unveil the often times no-so-dark truths about […]

Tips To Keep Your Home Safe during Halloween

It’s finally fall, and that means Halloween is just around the corner!Here are some tips to keep you, your family and your home safe this year. Leave the Lights On As summer is fading, the days are getting shorter and evenings set in sooner, adjust your home’s automatic lighting timers so that your lights turn […]

How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Home and Vehicle Locks

We may not think about it much, but we use locks in almost every aspect of our lives. From the locks on our door at home, to our vehicles and office doors, they are a common piece of our everyday lives. However, maintaining them through the changing seasons can sometimes be difficult. Here, we will […]

Locks Provide Cost-Efficient Home Security

When it comes to keeping your home secure, we know the costs can add up quickly when considering home security systems. However, there is one type of product that you can maintain and update for a relatively low price – locks. You may not think a whole lot about your home locks, but they are […]

Motion Sensors Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Motion sensors are a fantastic safety feature of any home, adding an additional layer of security and protection for your family and belongings. If you think about your home security in layers, motion sensors act as a critical piece of the stack. By creating “zones” inside and outside of your home, they provide a warning […]

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Alarm System

Last month, we began a series of articles describing the most budget-friendly home security tools and assets you should invest in, and we continue this with a more in-depth look at alarm systems for your home. Part of the foundation of any home’s security should be a good alarm system. While you can start out […]

Improve Your Home Security against Hackers

Today’s home security systems are designed to minimize the risk of break-ins and burglaries, and to protect your home and family. With the latest home automation systems available, wireless connectivity and cellular alarm capabilities have reached new levels of automation, while possibly posing new risks. While it’s a great idea to have home automation directly […]

Best Budget-Friendly Tools for Home Security

Home security is one of those things that require regular upgrades to keep your family safest. It’s not about “keeping up with the Joneses,” but rather, keeping up with the ever-evolving home security products. The reason home security products keep evolving is that, like hackers, thieves are constantly working on ways to defeat current home […]

Safety Tips for Safe and Vault Security

Having a safe or vault at your home or office means you have valuables you’d rather keep than let go of to a thief. Whether we are talking about cash at your place of business, confidential information or other items, there are a few things you can do to make sure your safe and vault […]