Best Budget-Friendly Tools for Home Security

Home security is one of those things that require regular upgrades to keep your family safest. It’s not about “keeping up with the Joneses,” but rather, keeping up with the ever-evolving home security products. The reason home security products keep evolving is that, like hackers, thieves are constantly working on ways to defeat current home security products and gain entry to your home and valuables.

To keep your family and valuables safe and secure, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or even add the latest high-tech devices. Instead, try amping up one of the following three types of affordable home security products. These will give you peace of mind without blowing the budget.


These are an upgrade that you can usually replace yourself. Not all locks are the same, so make sure you have the right locks on your doors to keep your home safe and secure. Here are three types of locks from “Good” to “Best” for your home:

Good: The Old-Fashioned Deadbolt

To keep intruders out of your home, the old-fashioned deadbolt lockis a solid deterrent for thieves. When it comes to burglars, it’s a case of “the easier the better” and many don’t mess around with trying to defeat a deadbolt. Make sure your exterior doors are secured with one of these locks.

Better:The Night Latch

If you’ve got a deadbolt installed, the next step up is installing a night latch. This extra level of protection is secured from the inside and thus is out of reach from thieves on the outside trying to gain entry.

Best:The Keyless Lock

Whether you are considering investing in a keypad lock or one with biometrics (fingerprint), this option offers two main benefits: first, it removes the need for a physical key that can be lost or stolen; second, most thieves aren’t savvy in the art of defeating a keypad lock so you’re at lower risk for a break-in.

Motion Sensors

It’s no secret that thieves and intruders hate to be seen. With a simple motion sensor installed, your home is lit up when someone enters the domain. Here are three motion sensor recommendations:

Good:Motion Sensors for Light Sockets

For less than $25, a light socket motion sensor will activate when anyone enters or exits your property. This is a very inexpensive way to light up your home and garage area when people are coming or going at night.

Better: Door and Window Motion Sensors

By using a door or window motion sensor aimed at the front of your property, you’ll be alerted when someone enters it (usually within 500 feet).

Best: Multi-Sensor Motion Detector

When you need more protection, a multi-sensor motion detector alerts you when it detects motion, temperature variation and changes in humidity. These high-tech sensors are more expensive but reduce the likelihood of false alarms. 

Alarm Systems

A high-quality alarm system should ultimately be the foundation of your overall home security system. While there are many that come with the latest and greatest technology, there are also alarm systems that are budget-minded and can grow with your needs.

Good: Non-Monitored, Entry-Level Alarm Systems

A non-monitored system is going to be an “entry level” option for the budget-conscious. You can install these systems on your own and they are often less than a few hundred dollars. They will come with a loud alarm should someone enter your home without turning it off, but will not alert the police.

Better: Monitored Home Security Systems

A monitored home security system is the next step up. This system will require installation by a professional and will alert the authorities when an unauthorized intruder gains entry. There are many options for these systems and can still be affordable based on the options you choose.

Best: Home Automation Systems

A home automation system is the pinnacle of integrated home security. While not “budget-minded,”it incorporates monitored alarms, cameras and motion detectors. You can also add features to turn on and off lights, adjust the temperature in your home remotely and even lock and unlock doors from wherever you are.

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