Safety Tips for Safe and Vault Security

Having a safe or vault at your home or office means you have valuables you’d rather keep than let go of to a thief. Whether we are talking about cash at your place of business, confidential information or other items, there are a few things you can do to make sure your safe and vault are working their best to protect your most valuable items.

Close and Lock Your Safe

In a busy world, we sometimes neglect to keep the safe closed, let alone locked. If you find yourself needing consistent access to the items in your safe (cash for your daily business, etc.) leaving it open is a bit like playing Russian roulette. It only takes a split second for a thief to spy an open safe and make their move. Always make sure your safe is closed AND locked until you absolutely need access.

Set the Full Combination Instead of the Day Lock

This lock option only requires a couple of quick turns to open it, and it fools no one. Although it is one step closer to securing your safe from leaving it open, it’s still a very risky move. In retail stores, most thieves know that safes are kept in this setting during the day, and can make quick work of the lock. Don’t ever set your safe on Day Lock. Set the full combination, and significantly increase your security.

Upgrade from Spin Dial Locks to Digital Keypads

Traditional spin dial locks are not doing you any favors. For one, everyone who needs to have access to your safe will have to share the combination and each one of them will ultimately write the combination down somewhere. A digital keypad will increase security, as each person can have a separate access code. Most safes can be upgraded from a spin dial to an electronic keypad easily.

At Alexius Denver’s Locksmith, we take your security and the security of your valuables seriously. For over 16 years, we’ve served the Denver Metro Area and Front Range with a full range of professional locksmith services to meet every need. If you have a safe or vault, or are considering getting one, contact us at 303-974-0215 to learn more.

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