Improve Your Home Security against Hackers

30 Aug Improve Your Home Security against Hackers

Today’s home security systems are designed to minimize the risk of break-ins and burglaries, and to protect your home and family. With the latest home automation systems available, wireless connectivity and cellular alarm capabilities have reached new levels of automation, while possibly posing new risks.

While it’s a great idea to have home automation directly on your mobile phone, it also opens the potential for hackers to gain access to your passwords, codes for keyless entry, and your Wi-Fi. Once a hacker gains access to these items, they basically have gotten the keys to your kingdom and can enter at will, whether you are home or not.

Keep in mind the tips below to keep your information secure and learn ways to prevent hackers from enteringinto your technology, and ultimately, your home.

Home Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins


Secure Passwords

Having a simple password is like leaving your doors unlocked. Complicate it by avoiding the use of obvious numbers and phrases. A secure password uses a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

WiFi Router Security

Always keep your router protected with a secure password. Never use the same password as your main security password, but make sure the password still contains a good mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Install a System with Encrypted Signals

Many home security systems today come with encrypted signal technology. This makes it very difficult for an outside source to capture the signal between your phone or garage door opener and your home security system. Take care to invest in a security system that uses this encrypted signal technology.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Many hackers use a virus to go through your system and get access codes and much worse. Make sure you choose current anti-virus software and keep it updated.

Limit Devices

These days, we all have smartphones, tablets and laptops,even our children. Limit the number of devices that have access to your WiFi and home automation system.

Never Use Public WiFi

When you are out and about, it’s easy to connect to a public WiFi to save your data plan. However, this is one place hackers live and have an opportunity to connect to your device.

Review Camera Logs

Most of us who have home automation systems with cameras don’t actually check the camera logs for suspicious activity. Routinely review your camera logs to identify potential threats.

Change Your Passwords Regularly

To heighten security, regularly change your passwords. Using an outdated password can be an access point for hackers.

Install a Wired Security System

While it is a significant effort to install a wired security system, it also eliminatesa wireless access point for hackers.

Keep your Home Automation and Security System Updated

Many people aren’t aware that home automation systems and standalone security systems offer free updates. These updates keep pace with technology and staying up-to-date can provide additional barriers for hackers.

Your home is your castle. You should keep it as safe as possible to protect your family and your valuables. If you aren’t sure about the technology you have in your home automation or security system, or have questions about installing or replacing security locks at your home, office or vehicle, call us today at 303-974-0215.

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