A Brief Guide to High-Security and Sidewinder Keys for Your Car

ADL-Production of car keys on a specialized key machine

Today, the locksmith industry has developed, providing a plethora of lock solutions. People who misplaced their vehicle keys used to take their spare key to a locksmith and have a copy made for about $10.

However, with advances in the automotive sector, things are rapidly changing, especially with high security keys and locks. Because of transponder technology, modern automobile keys can not only start your car but also remotely open your door. These additional features and functionalities are a welcome bonus, but they complicate the process of renewing your high-security vehicle keys.

This begs the question, what is so remarkable about high-security keys? What makes them unique?

High-Security Keys

A high-security key is one that is virtually impossible to replicate without permission. High-security keys are intended to work with locks that cannot be bumped, picked, or circumvented by other methods.

When a locksmith says “high security,” they’re referring to high security keys and locks that provide the most door control and resistance to attack and picking. Depending on the contact, strong security may indicate a lot more to a layperson.

A skilled locksmith should be prepared to talk and work with their customer to give whatever level of protection they choose. A great example of a high-security key is a laser-cut or sidewinder key.

Sidewinder Keys

A sidewinder key is a contemporary automobile key with a high-security blade. Sidewinder key technology and transponder key system technology were introduced to the automobile industry in the early 1990s and were used to prevent car theft. A task that sidewinder keys did complete.

Initially, only premium automobile companies like Porsche and BMW employed such high-security blades on their vehicle’s transponder keys, but they quickly spread to less expensive car brands. Today, all automobile manufacturers have incorporated this technology, and it is now available on practically every new vehicle that leaves the showroom.

The odd cut of sidewinder keys gives them a distinct appearance. A sophisticated sidewinder key duplicator machine is required to cut such transponder keys. Typically, laser-cut keys are sliced in the center rather than on the sides. This innovative cutting technique gives them their distinct form. A sidewinder key is far more robust and secure than the traditional metal “blank key” that we utilized initially.

Can You Copy High-security Keys Like Sidewinder Keys?

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a high-security key is its different indents. These indents are unique to each cylinder and never duplicate a high-security key and the shear bar function in tandem. The shear bar acts as a halt or a barrier.

When the high-security key is put into the keyhole, the pins drop, allowing the plug to be turned. Once this occurs, the engraved indents will push on the side of the shear bar, forcing it to come out of place and so unlocking the lock. If you are able to bypass the pins with a standard key, the shear bar will prevent the plug from spinning any further. As a result, the indentation of a high-security key is critical. A high-security key usually includes a code written on the bow that a skilled key cutter can only read. Although it is feasible to clone a high-security key, it is hardly the most uncomplicated process globally.

Copying Sidewinder Keys

An auto locksmith will typically go through three procedures while cutting sidewinder keys in the business. Each step is critical: first, he will decode the cuts on the current key fob; second, he will set up the sidewinder machine to the appropriate key blank; and last, he will cut the blade according to the cuts deciphered previously.

Retrieving the original combination and decoding the original blade

First, you need to obtain the original cuts, or the “key code”, in order to cut a laser-cut keys. The human eye can decode it by using the sidewinder machine. This machine can either use its tracer to decode existing cuts or order the code from another source.

The right setting to cut the blade

Once the key code has been retrieved, it’s necessary to set the key cutting machine up with the correct vehicle manufacturer and key profile. This step is important as it can damage your key cutting machine if you ignore it or give the wrong parameters.

The process is done when the blade is cut

Once the locksmith has set up the machine correctly, it is time to start cutting the blade. It should take less than five minutes to cut the blade if everything is correct.

What Does a High-security Lock Cost?

A high-security key typically costs between $500 and $1500. The pricing of high-security locks is like any other product on the market. It all depends on supply and demand. Based on marketing factors, some brands will be more expensive due to high demand. It is important to remember that not all high-security locks are the best or most expensive.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all expensive locks are good. Higher protection comes at a higher price with high-security locks. These locks are for clients who are prepared to spend more on security.

The cost of cutting a laser-cut blade is between $30 and $60, depending on its type. Car key blades may require additional equipment and time to be cut. A car key specialist will charge accordingly.

Benefits of Using a High-Security Key/Sidewinder Key

High-security locks offer many benefits, including:


Because lock security is dependent on the metal used to make them. The better security locks are heavier. If the lock producer cuts production costs using hollow spaces or plastics, your security can be seriously compromised.

A light lock cannot withstand high impact and can be easily broken. Locks made from plastic or other cheap metals are not considered effective security measures.

Drill resistant

By destroying locks, drilling is the easiest way to gain access. This is a common technique used by locksmiths to gain entry. Once a lock is drilled, it’s usually impossible to fix.

Most criminals will use the drill to gain entry into your house if it is practical. Drilling reduces stress for criminals by avoiding the pain of hitting the lock with their foot or shoulder.

High-security locks use hardened steel ball bearings and anti-drill plates to stop drilling. These devices prevent drilling from happening and protect the lock from any damage.

Bolt Strength

High-security locks have bolts as solid as the rest of the lock. High-security locks’ bolts are solid. This prevents criminals from trying to open the lock with their foot, shoulder, a sledgehammer, or a battering drum. The lock is often overpowered by criminals using brute force. Only a heavy-duty bolt is able to withstand this force. The bolt can also be cut in half by saws if strong enough.

Maintain Your Automotive Security with Our Sidewinder Key Cutting Service

If you want to obtain a duplicate, you must contact a professional and expert locksmith. These are incredibly different from standard keys, and it is critical to obtain a duplicate that will operate appropriately while still offering the same security protections.

It does not need to be impossible to manage your high-security lock. If you want the services of a professional locksmith in Centennial, CO, you have come to the correct place. Alexius Denver’s Locksmiths is a reputable company that employs a computer-controlled sidewinder key duplicator for accurate and quick results. Contact us now and maintain your automotive security!

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