What Keys Can Locksmiths Duplicate?

ADL-Production of home keys on a specialized vertical key machine

If you are locked out of your home or have misplaced your keys, a key locksmith can aid you with key duplication or cutting a new one. A locksmith can, in fact, replicate many keys, including those with a “Do Not Duplicate” stamp.

There are many different sorts of keys, and locksmiths can copy, cut, or reprogram a great number of them, usually with a duplicate key machine. However, there are some keys that cannot be duplicated. As a result, it is vital to understand which keys they can replicate. Knowing what keys a locksmith can and cannot duplicate will help you make the best decision when upgrading your locks.

The following are the types of keys that a locksmith can and cannot duplicate.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

The keys branded “Do Not Duplicate” (DND) are the most frequently asked when having keys copied by a locksmith. It may appear impossible to create a duplicate key of; however, this is a misconception. There is no such thing as unauthorized key duplication unless a particular key is recorded to a master system. There are no regulations that specifically ban the slicing of keys with “do not duplicate” markings on their key heads.

Even though hardware stores oppose it, licensed locksmiths can still offer copies of a duplicate key from DND’s. These etched messages are frequently only suggestions. It has no legal significance. So, the next time you need a duplicate key of a stamped DND, a locksmith can make you one using duplicate key machine.

Transponder Keys

They are among the modern keys since they contain microchips. The chips have been carefully designed and send a low-level signal. The receiver is a remote device that identifies the signal sent by the chips.

Because these chips are custom-made and contain unique software, it is challenging to have these keys duplicated. In the event of an emergency, they must be completely reprogrammed.

Laser Cut Car Keys

These keys are also known as sidewinder keys. Their distinctive cut is what distinguishes them. They cannot be cut using a standard cutter. In an emergency, the laser cutter is utilized to cut them. They also come in a variety of forms.

VAT Keys

These are the world’s first electrified keys. They have been electronically changed and contain resistors. When you turn on the ignition, current flows through the resistor, and if it does not reflect the value currently stored in the computer’s memory, the vehicle does not operate. As a result, having these keys duplicated is impossible.

Abloy Keys

These are one-of-a-kind keys based on cylinders rather than pins. They utilize a distinctive cutting mechanism in their manufacturing, making it difficult to clone Abloy keys.

Tubular Keys

This key’s lock, like this key, is round. A round hole in the center is surrounded by metal. To unlock the lock, the key’s notch must properly match the lock. The lock and key operate in conjunction with a system that includes deadbolts for enhanced security, making them difficult to duplicate.

Four-Sided Key

This key features four sides, making it distinctive since it can only fit particular locks. Such keys and locks are seen in homes.

Keys that Locksmiths Generally Duplicate

A locksmith can legally duplicate most keys. Here are some of the more typical choices.

Deadbolt Keys

If you wish to increase the protection of your door or if your property does not yet have a security system, you can have the deadbolt key produced or duplicated. A locksmiths can duplicate any style of deadbolt, including single and double cylinders and lockable thumb turns. Most homeowners use this service to strengthen the security of their property and keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Knoblock Keys

Making cuts for Knoblock keys is a simple procedure. This key is older than others, yet it can still be replicated when necessary. This is among the most typical locks used in homes, frequently alternatively to deadbolts. Locksmiths, like padlock keys, may readily create this kind in a short period of time. However, it should be mentioned that Knoblocks are simple to pick. They should only be copied for Knoblock doors if you are short on funds or if it is your final choice for home security.

Padlock Keys

Trained locksmiths readily handle key-based padlocks. Locksmiths typically request padlock keys to safeguard more minor things or valuables, such as bicycles. It is crucial to note, however, that some padlocks are unreplicable. The good news is that locksmiths can tell what sort of padlock you have. Locksmiths must first determine whether or not your lock can be replicated before proceeding with any treatments.

Car Keys

Automotive locksmiths are experts in key replacement, duplication, and creation. Because your automobile is likely one of your most valued things, you must exercise caution when selecting a professional to handle its keys. Working with automotive keys is typically seen as a challenging and technical task. Locksmiths frequently consider the design, model, and year when creating a key type for a customer. When replicating automobile keys, they pay closer attention and exert more effort.

Mechanically Cut Car Keys

While all vehicle keys have distinct characteristics, dealing with mechanically produced car keys might be more difficult. Mechanically carved keys are simple to reproduce. It has cuts on one side and should only be placed one way into the ignition. The proper functioning of a car will be jeopardized if it is flipped. If you do not require a transponder or laser keys, you can have them duplicated by an automobile locksmith. This approach is routinely used by locksmiths, even on older automobiles.

Valet Keys

Valets are often hired at restaurants and other locations. However, they must have the keys to unlock their vehicles. Valets don’t have to stay for longer or enter the vehicle unless they are instructed. Valet keys serve a different purpose than regular car keys. Valets can unlock the doors of cars, but they cannot open the compartments. They can also turn on the ignition system. When necessary, automotive locksmiths can provide duplicates of valet keys for business owners.

Furniture Keys

You might need to gain access to your cabinets, drawers, and work desk as a homeowner or business. To help you unlock your furniture’s locks, contact a local residential or commercial locksmith. With the right tools and measures, they can do the job quickly. This type of key is great for older furniture and if you are looking to replace it. These push buttons, or bolt-style locks, are common on sliding glass doors.

Mailbox Keys

If you live under the same roof as your partner or family members, you might need copies of your mailbox keys. This key type is simple to duplicate, but it can often be lost. This cut is rare and difficult to find even in-store key-making machines. To resolve your mailbox access problems, you can call a trusted locksmith professional.

Call a Locksmith to Duplicate Your Keys

Whether it’s your vehicle keys or your house keys, most of you have lost them or locked yourself out. When you’re in a jam, situations like these are all too often. This scenario can happen at any point of day or night due to absent-mindedness. To avoid situations like this, everyone should take great care of their original and duplicate a key.

It is critical to have the correct key, and you should have a key locksmith manufacture it for you. You won’t have to worry about whether the new key will function or not if you have the correct replica. If you’re wondering where to duplicate keys, check out Alexius Denver’s Locksmiths. We are a reputable locksmith in Aurora, CO, that will not only replicate most keys, but will also advise you on which keys are easily copied and which may give a higher level of protection. Contact us now if you need a key duplication!

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