Tricks to Thaw a Frozen Lock

05 Nov Tricks to Thaw a Frozen Lock

One of the joys of living in the Denver area is watching fall turn into winter and enjoying the first snowfalls of the season. With winter just around the corner, be prepared for the cold temperatures and follow these tips to prevent and deal with commonly frozen lock situations, should you unfortunately run into one.

De-Ice Door Locks and Heat Keys to Thaw Frozen House Locks

If you find one of your home’s door locks frozen, the key concept to remember is to heat up the lock mechanism from the inside in order to fix it. Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, you need to chip away as much of the frozen ice from around the lock as possible.
  2. Then, heat up the lock from the inside of your home (try using a hair dryer). Doing this will allow the heat to reach the inside of the lock quicker and easier than it would if you were heating it from the outside of your home.
  3. Once heat has been applied for a few minutes, heat up the key as well (be careful not to burn yourself in the process – the key will get hot!). Insert the warm key into the lock, chipping away at any ice inside of the lock while doing so. Applying the heat directly to the lock mechanism in this way will help it to thaw.

Again, we recommend using a hair or blow dryer to warm up the lock and key, but if you do not have access to one, you could also use a lighter or pocket torch. When heating the key, make sure to wear winter gloves to protect your fingers and hands from burning.

Use Aerosolized De-Icer to Thaw Frozen Car Door Locks

If you find yourself with a frozen car door lock while you’re out and about, chances are small you will have a blow dryer and power outlet handy to thaw the lock as you would at your home.

However, you can purchase an aerosolized de-icer from your local auto parts store and keep it in your trunk for emergencies. The de-icer works quickly and unfreezes almost any lock.

Call the 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith

Stuck without any de-icer? Use a lighter or pocket torch to warm up the lock and car key until the ice chips and thaws away.

Alexius Security Lock & Key has been providing security solutions for Denver’s homes and offices for over 16 years. We know winter can get frustrating quickly when you come across a frozen lock. If you need a professional locksmith to unfreeze your lock, call us anytime at 303-974-0215. We provide 24-hour emergency vehicle service in and around the greater Denver metro area!

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