Prevent Frozen Locks this Winter

02 Nov Prevent Frozen Locks this Winter

The holiday season is quickly approaching and fall is giving way to winter as we speak. As nice as the snow is to look at, the cold temperatures and freezing rain can wreak havoc on your locks.

When it comes to your home or business’s security, exterior door and window locks are the front lines of your security system. They are also the most vulnerable elements when it comes to the weather elements. To avoid the typical problems associated with exterior locks in the colder months, follow the tips below.

Frozen Locks from Freezing Moisture

Dropping temperatures combined with rain and/or snow creates moisture that can accumulate in your doors’ keyholes, which then freezes the lock overnight. This makes your lock impossible to open or even fit your key into. To avoid this dilemma, keep your locks lubricated with graphite to absorb any moisture. This will prevent the internal parts of the lock from freezing or binding together.

Dirty Locks at Risk of Freezing

During the spring and summer months, the extra dust in the air, along with the oil from fingers and hands, can easily make its way into your locks. This can create a problem in the colder months, as the oil and dust absorb moisture from the air, rain and snow, which potentially freezes locks and makes them unusable in freezing temperatures.

Deep Clean Locks Before Winter

Have a professional disassemble and clean your lock mechanisms before the heart of winter hits, especially if you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures. Deep cleaning your locks will get rid of most of the dirt and oil that can accumulate and contribute to a frozen device.

Heat Keys before Inserting into Locks

If your lock becomes frozen and is not working, heat the key you are using rather than the outside of the lock itself. When you only heat the outside of the lock, the inner parts are not warmed and it will take much longer to fix, if at all. By heating the key, the heat is transferred directly to the lock mechanism and unfreezing happens much quicker.

If you need a professional locksmith to clean your locks before winter sets in, or if you find your lock frozen and need assistance, call us anytime at 303-974-0215. We are Denver’s choice for professional locksmith services and provide 24-hour emergency service across the metro area for residences, businesses and vehicles.

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