Protecting Your Motorcycle Gear

Whether you’re a brand new, novice rider or a more experienced pro, common sense tells you to lock up your gear when you’re not on your bike. Carrying your helmet and jacket around with you when you’ve arrived at your destination gets old fast, no matter how awesome they make you look. Helmets are bulky and require you hold them, driving home the realization quite quickly that you would rather not trade the freedom of riding for hefting around an oversized paperweight.

Great news is, there are many options when it comes to safely storing your gear with your bike, rather than on your person.

Locks for Motorcycle Gear Security

You’ve seen them in the parking lot; motorcycles with helmets and even jackets on them. More often than not, a lock is securing that gear. Here are the common lock types:

  • Cable and Lock – This lock type consists of a steel cable thatruns through your helmet strap D-ring and/or sewn-in D-rings on your jacket to secure them to the bike.
  • Lock Extension – This type is made with a simple bar with a t-shape on one end and a hole for the lock on the other, and is typically the least expensive lock option.
  • Add-On Locks – These locks either clamp or bolt onto the motorcycle frame with a locking bar for your gear.
  • Bolt Locks – These locks are generally bolted to the frame of the motorcycle, and come with an integrated short metal cable/leash for your gear.

Considering these options, you can find a gear lock for as little as $25 to start.

The good news is; you have several options (many of which won’t break the bank) when choosing how to best to secure and protect your motorcycle gear.

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