Can My Garage Door Be Hacked?

26 Jul Can My Garage Door Be Hacked?

As home security evolves, the garage door becomes the most vulnerable point of your residence. And the unfortunate fact is that, yes, your garage door can likely be hacked.

Why Is It So Easy To Hack A Garage Door Lock?

Old Remote Systems with 4-Digit Security Codes

If you are using an older garage door opener, it is likely equipped with a single, unique, fixed 4-digit code between the garage door and remote. Unfortunately, having a four-digit security code such as this is like having a two-letter password on your computer – far too simple.

Radio Signal Hacking Vulnerability

Your garage door remote works via radio signal and transmits this code every time you click the button to open your door. For thieves and hackers, it takes no more than a modified kid’s toy with an antenna and free software that will capture the code, and then resend it to your garage door whenever they want, opening the door.

How Do I Prevent My Garage Door from Being Hacked? 

The good news is that safeguarding your garage door from being hacked is possible.

Rolling Code Technologyfor Garage Door Remotes

The latest technology in garage door security comes with a feature called “rolling codes.” Instead of having one four-digit code that is always used, the technology in the garage door remote creates a different code every time you use it. This way, you never use the same code twice in a row, which can be very frustrating for thieves.

The caveat?The “rolling code” technology can ultimately be hacked as well, but it takes a very accomplished hacker who is likely not lingering in the bushes around your home with his modified kid’s toy trying to capture your code and reuse it at his discretion.

Call for a Professional Recommendation

If you have concerns that your garage door opener may be vulnerable, making your whole home security system vulnerable, contact us today at 303-974-0215 and schedule a consultation and appointment. We will assess your garage door locks and make the best recommendation to update to keep you and your family safe. With over 16 years of experience, we are Denver’s top choice for locksmith services.

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