Outdoor Home Lock Box Security

27 May Outdoor Home Lock Box Security

Ever lose your house key, or lock yourself out? You step out for a minute with your dog or toddler and realize you’re stuck in the rain? A lock box would solve your problem.

Many people use some kind of hidden key system for their home. From fake rocks to high-security, multi-step electric lock systems, lots of options are out there to keep you covered. However, the best lock boxes serve to not only offer you a way back in, but add a layer of security and deter perpetrators.

Lock Box Options

Three major types of standard lock boxes for home use include:


The ideal wall-mounted boxes are made of metal or some kind of zinc alloy, and allow you to drive screws though holes located under the box’s door. These types of boxes are considered by many to be the most secure.


These typically have a U-loop and can include an additional storage box. Some have wheel and key lock combos. In general, these are not as secure as other lock box types, as the U-loop can easily be cut or broken.

Fake Rocks:

Many use fake rocks to store spare house keys, for obvious reasons. They are simple, convenient and look natural. However, they are also virtually unsecure and can be conspicuous in the wrong setting.

In addition, there are several types of lock mechanisms to choose from:

Dial Models:The dial model consists of a rotating dial knob, set to a specific combination. Many consider this type to be the safest, especially when screwed to a wall.

Push Button:

This type has a numerical combination that you type in manually on the lock’s pad to open. However, the sequence of the numbers used does not typically matter, making it easier to break into. If using this type of lock, make sure to change the combination frequently to avoid button wear.

Wheel Models:

Wheel models have vertically-scrolling number and letter wheels.

Combination Locks:

Many locks combine two types of lock mechanisms; however they tend to be more cheaply made and can be more easily broken into if covered in ice, for example.

Strategic Placement

No matter what type of lock you choose, half the battle is picking the right place around your home’s exterior to place it. Even the strongest lock can be broken by the most determined thief with an easy path, clear view and ample time.

To deter perpetrators, follow these tips when adding a lock box outside your place:

  • Remember you want to add obstacles for someone looking to gain access to you home. This means the more convoluted, confusing path to your keys and the kingdom, the better.
  • You still want easy access for yourself should you need it, so consider a two or more step system. For example, place a lock box on your patio side wall with your garage key inside. Inside the garage, place another lock box containing your house key.
  • Wherever you place your lock box, try not to put it right next to the obvious, noticeable spot right next to the door the key opens, or directly on the doorknob. Any side walls or shared walls of apartment complexes are good options.
  • Place your lock box somewhere discreet and not viewable from the street.

With these things in mind, choosing the best lock box for your home will be easier and you will be happier with the result. If you’re looking to install multiple lock boxes around your home or are curious to learn more, give us a call. Our professional, bonded staff has years of experience serving the Denver Metro area and will be happy to give you a consultation: 303-617-3717

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