Ignition Lock Repair

21 May Ignition Lock Repair

Your car gets you from point A to point B and back. Without it, you may be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. What happens when your ignition key is stuck, or the switch is broken? You’ll be going nowhere fast.

Finding the Problem

A myriad of issues related to your car’s ignition could be in play if you find yourself in this situation. Some basic troubleshooting can narrow the possibilities to the core problem.

If your key is in the ignition lock and not turning, check for the following:

  • Your steering column lock is in a bind:

What this means is your steering wheel is jammed and preventing your key from turning. There is likely nothing wrong with the ignition switch itself. A simple “jiggle” will fix this.

  • Your transmission selector (or gear shift) is not set in “Park” or “Neutral:”

In most automatic cars, you won’t be able to turn your key in the ignition switch if the selector is set in anything other than these modes.

  • The ignition lock cylinder needs lubricating or cleaning:

Apply light amounts of electrical contact cleaner and silicone to resolve this.

  • Your cylinder’s tumbler may be locked into position:

Use a small hammer to tap the cylinder’s face.

If you tried all of the troubleshooting techniques above and your ignition switch is still locked, you may have either worn out cylinder pins or worn out keys that need replacing.

Is your engine not starting but the ignition switch turns? Check to see if your headlights come on or if anything lights up on your dashboard panels. If not, your problem is likely a dead battery. If lights do turn on, you may have either an electrical circuit or ignition switch problem that requires more looking into.

Time to Call the Locksmiths

If your car is having any of the following issues, it’s time to call a Denver auto locksmith to investigate further, as an ignition switch worn out key is likely part of the problem:

  • The ignition switch turns, your engine cranks but will not start and your anti-theft light is flashing
  • Your engine dies while driving
  • Your key has broken off while inside the ignition switch

We’ll Get You Going

Here at Alexius Security Lock & Key, we provide automobile ignition lock switch repair, replacement and rekeying services to suit your needs. If you need broken keys extracted, car doors changed or chip key programming, we do that too. Our services include vehicles (and motorcycles) of all types, makes and models and we specialize in servicing Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and import cars. Give us a call today for a consultation: 303-617-3717

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