Maintaining Your Combination Safe Lock

The whole point of having a safe is strong place to store valuables that’s invulnerable to tampering or destruction. And with good ones, that’s true. But that invulnerability becomes a big problem if the combination lock on it fails.

Warning Signs to Avoid Lock Failure

When a dirty, worn-out or damaged combination lock on a safe fails while the safe is closed, you’ll probably need a locksmith or safe technician to drill the safe to open it and repair or replace the lock. It’s an expensive, destructive process that can be avoided by staying alert to signs your lock needs attention.

Here are some warning signs of trouble to come that you should watch for:

  • The dial resists turning when you first open the safe
  • Operating the dial is stiff or tight
  • The dial is loose, crooked or wobbly
  • You hear clicks or other unusual noises when dialing the lock
  • The lock wants to spring back as you dial
  • The combination changes (it happens)

Combination locks typically have three wheels in a “wheel pack” with small cutouts called gates on each wheel. When these cutouts line up properly, a fence drops in and lets the lock mechanism withdraw the locking bolts. Any of these components can become worn or dirty over time. And if the lock is very old, worn or broken parts may be hard to find.

Routine Lock Service for Reliable Combination Lock Performance

You can avoid most lock failures with regular service. Locks that are heavily used should be routinely serviced every 2-3 years; lighter-use locks less frequently. Of course if you notice any of the warning signs above, you should have the lock looked at by a professional locksmith immediately to prevent a lockout.

Locks are an important part of your security system and should be kept in good working order just like alarms, cameras and other components. The cost of periodic lock maintenance is minimal compared to the expense of breaking into a failed lock and replacing it.

Lockouts, lost keys and other access problems can be annoying and even have serious consequences. When you need fast, affordable locksmith services, call us at 303-974-0215. Our bonded and insured mobile locksmith service answers every call 24/7 and responds promptly, arriving with the parts, tools and know-how to get you going.

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