Digital vs Traditional Safe Locks

29 Apr Digital vs Traditional Safe Locks

If you’re considering installing a safe to protect your valuables at home or at work, one decision you’ll face is the type of lock you want. Mechanical locks that use keys or combination dials have been around for centuries and continue in wide use. Many newer safes have digital locks instead. Which is the right choice? Both mechanical and digital locks do the job, so your choice becomes a matter of cost and circumstances.

Keyed Locks

Whether operated with a key or combination dial, keyed locks are secure and reliable. They’re less expensive than digital locks, are rugged, and can last for generations with the proper care and maintenance. However, keys can be lost or stolen and changes in circumstances may require re-keying or new combinations requiring the services of a professional locksmith. Plus, operating a keyed or combination lock may be difficult for persons with arthritis or other impairments.

Digital Locks

Digital locks are easy to operate, and combinations can be changed quickly and easily without the need for a locksmith. Some have lockout features that prevent opening them for a period of time after a certain number of failed attempts. Others may be able to log when safes are opened and by whom. These features make digital locks especially attractive for businesses where multiple employees and turnover may create a need to monitor or change access frequently. On the other hand, digital safes are more expensive and rely on battery power to operate. And digital “hacking” technology may make safes without lock-out features vulnerable.

Combined Digital and Keyed Lock Safes

Some safes even come with both digital and keyed access, so before making a final choice, take the time to consult with a security expert to discuss the best solution for your particular needs.

Locks are an important part of your security system and should be chosen carefully. Our experts have been installing and maintaining security systems for over 16 years and are happy to discuss your security needs. When you need fast, affordable locksmith services, our bonded and insured mobile locksmiths answer every call 24/7 and respond promptly; arriving with the parts, tools and know-how to get you going.

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