Lock Boxes for Medications

01 Jun Lock Boxes for Medications

If you have ever visited your grandparents’ house and seen their medications out in the open, or in easily-accessible containers, you know how easy it could be to misplace or lose them. While convenient to your relative, the open access to prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications in a home is a safety risk.

Types of Medication Lock Boxes

There are many types of medication lock boxes to choose from. No one lock box will suit everyone’s needs, so make sure to do your research and find the one that works for you. Below are a few types to consider:

  • Refrigerated:

These lock boxes often have thumbwheel combination locks and hinges. They can be mounted to the inside of your refrigerator and are either clear (so you can see your meds from the outside) or opaque.

  • Key and Combination Containers:

Coming in many shapes and styles, these lock boxes are operated with a key and/or combination lock(s).

  • Compact Safes:

Smaller lock boxes, typically with combination locks. Some are programmable with electronic locks. These are great for those on-the-go and frequent travelers.

  • Narcotics Cabinets:

Similar to traditional medicine cabinets, narcotics cabinets are more heavy-duty (steel) and come with higher-security locking systems, such as multiple pick-resistant locks and push buttons. They are usually mountable to shelves and cabinets.

Risk vs. Reward

The elderly population is an especially “at-risk” demographic for home medication theft, as many older citizens take prescriptions or OTC drugs. Frequent visitors, such as caregivers and relatives, have increased access to these medications and therefore more opportunities to steal them. Children visiting the home also may come into contact with medications not protected properly. Having your drugs kept in a lock box or narcotics cabinet and the keys in a safe place adds layers of security and accident/theft prevention.

Our Safety Services

Whether it’s you, your relative, friend or neighbor, preparing for the worst-case scenario break-in is wise. With your medications protected, you can worry less when you’re sleeping or not at home. Alexius Security Lock & Key offers full locksmith services, including safes and vaults, throughout Colorado and the Denver Metro Area. Ask about our 10% Off Senior Citizen Discount! Reach out to us today at: 303-617-3717.

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