Keep Your Desk Secure

04 Jun Keep Your Desk Secure

You may think your office is generally a safe place to work and keep important documents in, but is it as secure as it could be? Even if your building has a high level of physical protections in place, your desk is an area you should take charge of monitoring and guarding.

Hide Important Information

Beyond security cameras, guards and alarm systems, every office work station should be protected from potential threats. Co-workers, visitors and guests dropping by all have questionable access to your area, so it makes sense to take precautions against nosiness.

Common sense will tell you to keep all important documents, including anything with billing or credit card, contact or password information hidden away and out of plain sight. Likewise, confidential company information, such as contracts or project details, should be secured. Store safes and vaults somewhere discreet to divert unwanted attention.

Taking a step further and installing locks on your office furniture will ensure peace of mind.

Install Desk Drawer Locks

Desk drawer, filing cabinet and cupboard locks are easy to find and install. If you do not already have a lock on your desk or you need to replace an old or broken one, there are several options to choose from. Among the many, two of the most popular are:

  • Cylinders – these locks are among the most popular for two reasons: they are easily changeable, without requiring you to replace the hardware; they use the same type of key even if they are in different formats.
  • Padlocks – while generally secure, these types of locks also call attention to the fact that something valuable is inside.

Want to keep your desktop or laptop safer? Consider getting a keyed cable lock to secure it to your desk. If you have multiple monitors, buy a dual-headed cable lock for better efficiency. If your monitor does not have a security slot, you can add one with a lock kit.

Call the Locksmiths

If you are not sure of the best type of lock to use, need help installing it or have more questions, give us a call! We love to make you safer and our bonded, experienced locksmiths will guide you every step of the way. We offer full locksmith services in the Denver Metro Area and beyond. Reach us at: 303-617-3717.

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