How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Home and Vehicle Locks

27 Sep How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Home and Vehicle Locks

We may not think about it much, but we use locks in almost every aspect of our lives. From the locks on our door at home, to our vehicles and office doors, they are a common piece of our everyday lives. However, maintaining them through the changing seasons can sometimes be difficult.

Here, we will help to unravel the reasons that changing seasons and weather affect your locks so that you can prepare for cooler temperatures without getting stuck.

The Summer Months – Swelling

As spring fades into summer and the temperatures rise, we feel the change in the air. When this happens, you may find you have difficulty with door locks at home and at the office.

If your doors are constructed of wood, you have undoubtedly found yourself in the position of a “stuck” door. This is due to the fact that when the temperature rises, the wood swells within the door jamb, making it difficult to open. Swelling also affects the alignment of the door lock, as the geometry of the door and the frame change.

The Winter Months – Contracting, Freezing

When winter sets in and temperatures plummet, many doors and locks become problematic. As colder weather kicks in, wood tends to contract rather than swell, which causes a misalignment of the door lock and frame, resulting in a lock that is difficult to operate.

Extreme temperatures are also an issue for vehicle door locks. Remember, the lock on your vehicle door is a mechanical mechanism that is designed to operate within a specific temperature range. When metal locks contract, it makes the tumblers and all pieces of the lock puzzle difficult to turn. Additionally, the lubrication used in many locks has a freezing point, past which it no longer works to lubricate the metal parts of the lock. If this happens, try to heat up the key before placing it inside the door or vehicle locks. This can thaw the lubrication and metal components, and make the lock usable.

Should you find yourself at the brink of breaking off a key on a frozen lock, it’s best to call a locksmith. Ideally, a locksmith can free a lock before you break a key and make their job harder.

At Alexius Denver’s Locksmith, we have over 16 years of experience in the Denver area servicing locks in extreme weather conditions. Our professionals evaluate your home door locks to ensure they will work throughout the changing seasons, and recommend solutions for the long term. Our team works 24-7 and provides late night emergency services to make sure you won’t be stuck out in the cold with your car or locked out of your home.

If you have questions, or find yourself stuck with an unwilling lock, call us at 303-974-0215.

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