Tips To Keep Your Home Safe during Halloween

15 Oct Tips To Keep Your Home Safe during Halloween

It’s finally fall, and that means Halloween is just around the corner!Here are some tips to keep you, your family and your home safe this year.

Leave the Lights On

As summer is fading, the days are getting shorter and evenings set in sooner, adjust your home’s automatic lighting timers so that your lights turn on before it gets dark. Also, make sure that your exterior lights are functioning well, no lightbulbs are out and that any branches, shrubs or other elements have not grown over or covered them, blocking the light. Trim them away if necessary. Especially when it comes time for trick-or-treating, make sure paths and walkways are clear of obstacles and well-lit for the kids.

Lock All Doors

Heading out with the kids for Halloween? Have fun! Just remember to lock up the house if no one will be there to hand out candy. Even though you may be taking just a quick trip around the neighborhood, it will probably end up taking longer than you planned and intruders can be in and out of an unlocked home very quickly. Don’t give them an easy time!

Keep your home and valuables safe by simply locking your doors every time you leave the house – even if you’re going to be in the backyard. Lock your front, back and side doors, as well as the garage.

Trim Overgrown Landscaping and Install Security Systems

With fall and winter come earlier nights, later mornings and overgrown shrubs and bushes from the summer. If plants or trees are covering areas to your home susceptible to intruders (such as low windows, doors or other access points), trim them so that they do not offer protection to anyone looking to gain unwanted access. Installing a security system or motion-activated outdoor lights are great investments to keep your place safe from burglars year-round, as well.

If you’ve got questions about protecting your home during this holiday season, we’ve got answers. Call us for a free consultation at 303-974-0215to discuss home security, home automation, how you can better protect your castle and, most importantly, your family.

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