Different Types of Commercial Doors

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Doors are more than just for keeping your home or business safe and secure. While one of its primary purposes is to keep unwanted elements out of your property, a door can also be an inviting factor to those you wish to welcome into your home or business. Especially for commercial establishments, a well-designed front […]

10 Tips to Choosing the Right Locksmith

Locks can cause trouble any time of year, day or night. Before you call for help, here are some things you should know about hiring a locksmith. Know Who You’re Dealing With 2 a.m. on a cold winter’s night is no time to shop for a locksmith, let alone admit a stranger into your home […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Locks?

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Have the occupants of your home or office changed recently? Are you missing a key? Has your car been broken into? Or is the door getting harder to open with your key? All these are signs that it may be time to re-key or replace your locks. Door locks keep your space secure. If unwanted […]