Is it Time to Replace Your Locks?

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Have the occupants of your home or office changed recently? Are you missing a key? Has your car been broken into? Or is the door getting harder to open with your key? All these are signs that it may be time to re-key or replace your locks.

Door locks keep your space secure. If unwanted people have keys or if the lock is damaged, that security is severely compromised. Replacing or re-keying a lock is an inexpensive way to guard against unwanted intrusion or late night lock-outs that require an emergency visit from a locksmith. Here are a few occasions when new locks or keys are called for.



If your home or office has been broken into, there’s a good chance your locks have been damaged by the forced entry. Have your locks examined by a professional locksmith to be sure they are working properly and have them replaced if needed. A visibly damaged lock, door, or window is an invitation to further break-ins, so be sure to repair whatever damage may have been done immediately. Even if there was no damage, don’t assume the lock was picked; it’s entirely possible that an unauthorized copy of the key was made and is still in the hands of the criminal.


Lost Keys

When you lose a key, you don’t know whose hands it may have fallen into, and if a key has been stolen, you can rest assured that the person who took it is up to no good. When a key goes missing, immediately have the locks changed to protect against intrusion. Even if the door you want to protect is in a supposedly secure building, criminals have plenty of ways to get in and access your apartment or office.


New Tenants

Whether you’re a homeowner that’s changed roommates or a business with employee turnover, it’s a good idea to consider re-keying locks when occupants change, especially if there are any issues with trust. Just because you got the person’s keys back doesn’t mean they didn’t make copies. Re-keying locks is an inexpensive way to guard against malicious behavior and to have peace of mind when roommates, tenants, or employees turnover.


Lock Broken

Worn out, rusted, or damaged locks are easier to break or pick and they are more likely to fail and lock you out. Save yourself inconvenience and improve your security by replacing locks that show rust, tarnish, and other signs of wear or damage before they become a problem.

Your locks and keys are the primary guardians of your home and office. When locks are damaged or worn and when keys are lost or stolen, calling a professional locksmith to assess your situation and make the necessary repairs or replacements is the sensible thing to do.

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