Trust is Key

06 Sep Trust is Key

Every day, it seems, the media present watchers and readers with a new Internet scandal: widespread identity theft, abuse of social media technology, fake companies advertising online. Scamming innocent businesses and everyday people is rampant, and it doesn’t discriminate; everyone is vulnerable. Unfortunately, locksmith scams are especially popular, because it’s easier to take advantage of people that are in a jam. If someone is locked out of their vehicle or home, they need a locksmith right now. If they don’t know a local locksmith, they will use their cell phone to search online. And they will find hundreds of listings, most of which are bogus.


These fake companies usually offer very low prices. The person dispatched might arrive in an unmarked vehicle, not wearing a company uniform. If you’re tired, and it’s late, and the neighborhood is questionable, you’re desperate and might overlook their not having a company ID, or asking for cash-only. You could be a victim of price-gouging, or worse.


Many locksmith scammers are better disguised, coming to your home or place of business, at your invitation. When choosing a locksmith, watch out for these common scams:

  • False advertising – Very low prices attract customers; when the work is finished, the locksmith charges 400 to 500 percent more. * Be sure to get the quote in writing.
  • No credit cards – After repairing or replacing your lock, the locksmith says they only accept cash, which prevents you from challenging the work or charges later. *Insist on using a credit card.
  • Intentionally damaging your lock – Supposed locksmiths will needlessly destroy your lock mechanism, so that it must be replaced with their very expensive products. * If they tell you they have to drill the lock, that’s also a red flag.
  • Criminal enterprises – Though the work and pricing are acceptable, the locksmith’s end game is to steal your identity or rob your premises in the future. * Confirm that the company is legitimate and endorsed by the BBB or other trustworthy organizations.


Having a relationship with a locksmith company you know and trust is really important. This is your home we’re talking about, your family’s security. Because nothing matters more than keeping your loved ones and property safe, be sure to ask around before letting a locksmith into your home to upgrade your locks or install new ones. Visit their website, confirm their good standing in the community, watch them work, and list them in your cell phone, just in case. The next time you’re faced with an emergency, you’ll be prepared and know you’re in safe hands.


Don’t be a victim of scammers. If you have a lock-out emergency, need to upgrade security for your home or business, or just need a simple lock repair, call Alexius Denver’s Locksmiths at 303-974-0215 – 24/7, 365 days a year. Denver’s Front Range community has put their trust in us for more than 16 years. Visit to learn more about our comprehensive and affordable services.

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