Top Five Choices for Garage Door Locks

13 Jul Top Five Choices for Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks are pretty important, but they actually get very little thought and are often disregarded. Normally, the homeowner is content with whatever came with the door at the time the home was purchased, or reuse the lock that they have when the garage door is replaced. We typically don’t remember that the garage door is a significant entry point to the home, and the garage door lock is a vital piece of the home security system.

Fact is; many home break-ins happen through the garage door. It may be a good time to re-evaluate your garage door lock and consider updating it if you haven’t in a while. There are new technologies that have been built into modern garage door locks that can put that lock on par with the rest of your home security system. Here, we will review the top five lock types, and why they are worth considering for your garage door and for the protection of your home.

Electronically Operated Door Locks

This type of lock is the cutting edge of technology, and is likely more technologically advanced than any other door lock on your house. This lock type uses biometrics as a “key”, meaning your fingerprint. You can have multiple fingerprints stored in the system of the lock for multiple family members.

This is the most expensive type of garage door lock due to the technology, but it is also the most secure option.

Keyless Digital Locks

These locks are operated with a keypad instead of a traditional key, and require a specific code to be entered for the lock to open. Since these locks don’t use a standard key, they are not susceptible to a burglars typical tools used to “jimmy” open a door lock.

While these types of locks are still somewhat expensive, many of the manufacturers include a lifetime warranty against damage to your home by intruders due to the high level of security that these locks provide.

Garage Door Deadbolts

These deadbolt locks for garage doors come in two different configurations. A double cylinder requires the use of a key to unlock on both the outside and inside of the garage, while the single cylinder type requires the use of a key on the outside of the garage door and a knob on the inside of a garage door.

This type of lock is a step up from the standard spring-type lock that most garage doors have as standard equipment, and these locks are much harder for thieves to overcome.

T-Handle Locks

These locks are the ones most commonly seen on garage doors made of metal. These locks are operated with keys, however the keys used are uniquely shaped and more difficult to overcome than traditional keyed locks. These locks can be operated both inside and outside the garage door, and provide what is considered the lowest level of security for your garage door.

Side-Mount Deadbolt Locks

These locks are mounted on the door track from inside the garage door and offer no access on the outside of the door. Thieves cannot overcome these locks, as they are mounted inside the garage and provide no outside access for a thief and their tools.

These locks can only be operated while inside the garage, are very simple to install, and are inexpensive. These locks are normally considered the first upgrade to the T-handle locks and offer great value for the protection they provide.

Garage Door Security Specialists

We hope you have found this information informative, and that you now consider your garage door lock a vital part of your home security if you haven’t before. If you are not sure which lock is best for you, you are welcome to contact us at 303-974-0215 and we can answer any questions you have, or schedule an appointment with one of our garage door specialists to help you make the right decision for your garage door.

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