The New Locksport Trend: Pin in Pin

I’ve only learned about Locksport recently, and I’m sure like you I was pretty surprised to hear that it even existed. But, as I dug into it, turns out that it’s not only a pretty cool sport, but also the benefits to the lock industry are significant.

So What Exactly IS Locksport?

Unless you are a professional locksmith or a professional lock pick expert, you likely haven’t heard of Locksport. In a nutshell, this is an open organization consisting of lock picking specialists whose hobby it is to “figure out” and “defeat” locks and locking systems. Be it for sport, recreation, shady dealings or assistance to law enforcement, those who take part in Locksport are in it for the joy and excitement of overcoming lock challenges, and often share their success with the Locksport community.

One way to think of it is the way you may think of computer hackers – there are more of them born every day, and some use their refined skills in nefarious ways to accomplish dastardly deeds that are offered to the highest bidder. Professional lock pickers are sometimes creeping around, waiting to relieve you of your most valuable possessions, enabled by the highest bidder.

However, there are those that have ditched the dark side and help law enforcement catch the villains, hopefully before damage has been done. Locksporters also compete as an organized community, ultimately for the greater good.

Testing New Lock Developments and Technology

Locksport activities often lead to new technologies, as its members engage in it like a sport designed to test new and next-level lock developments. For example, the latest cool new thing is the “pin in pin” lock.

The “Pin in Pin” Lock

As you probably know, most locks contain a series of pins (cylinders) of different lengths, which is why your key has those uneven grooves. These pins are sitting on springs, so that that when your key is inserted and turned, the pins align evenly and your door unlocks.

A professional lock picker can use tools to align the pins the way your key does and unlock the door – usually very, very quickly and quietly, as if they aren’t even there. The “pin in pin” concept lock takes this up a level and requires advanced skills to break. Here’s why.

Keep in mind, the pins inside of the lock have a sleeve covering them. A series of tiny holes is drilled into the pins’ surface and smaller, t-shaped pins “float” between the spring and the pin. The professional lock pick has to not only align all of the pins in the lock to unlock it, they have to align all of the smaller, t-shaped floating pins in each pin sleeve as well before the alignment of the pins can happen. Tricky.

Benefits of the “Pin in Pin” Lock

This additional level of security to the lock slows down the ability of professional lock pickers to open them, exposing them to a greater risk of being seen or caught.

Where Can I Get One?

While this design is a significant barrier for professional lock picks, the ability to manufacture the “pin in pin” lock is only held by a few people and the cost to create it is very high. However, by designing and proving the concept in Locksport, lock companies can now look at possible ways to incorporate a practical version to enhance their locks on the market for greater security.

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