Summer Pool Safety

08 Jun Summer Pool Safety

With summer just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to some quality time at the pool. If you have a swimming pool at home, make sure it’s ready to go by updating its safety features. Your children, friends and neighbors will thank you and you will find peace of mind knowing there are extra protection measures in place.

Fence and Gate Regulations

The first line of protection from falling into a pool is the barrier guarding entry to the area. Fences and gates are a necessary security to prevent accidental drowning. There are many types of fences and gates to choose from, including wooden, vinyl and metal or chain-link, but whichever you pick needs to conform to local regulations.

Most cities, counties and municipalities have pool code compliance regulations in place regarding pool structure, barriers and gate lock latches. All of them require fences and gates to be at least four feet high.

Locks and Latches

Codes also require pool gate locks and latches to meet certain standards. First, latches must be positioned at least 54 inches above the ground (this way children less than three feet tall cannot reach them). Latches must also include a keyed lock and the gate must have automatic hinges that self-close and latch, as well as open away from the pool area.

If your home serves as one of the pool’s side walls, it’s wise to ensure door locks and alarms are installed on the pool entrance. Door locks and alarms should include self-closing and self-latching devices.

Above-ground pools should have their staircases protected by surrounding them with a locked enclosure.

Call the Experts

If you’re worried about your pool’s safety standards aligning with your local code or need locks and latches installed, give us a call! We specialize in professional, top quality service throughout the greater Denver, Colorado area and offer full locksmith maintenance. Let’s get started: 303-617-3717.

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