Safeguard Your Garage

10 Jun Safeguard Your Garage

Garages are great places to park your car, store extra furniture, work on weekend hobbies and offer many other benefits. They also provide great entry points for someone looking to break in.

The Basics

When considering your garage’s security, a few obvious factors come to mind but are worth mentioning for precaution’s sake. Here are the do’s and don’ts of garage safety:

  • Don’t leave your garage door open.
  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car. Use a keychain remote opener instead.
  • Do cover your garage door windows by frosting them or replacing your door with a window-free one to prevent burglars from being able to see when your car is gone.
  • Do install a wide-angle peep hole in the door leading to your garage from your house.
  • Do watch for corrosion on your garage door and make sure roll up doors’ mechanical parts stay well-maintained.
  • Do make sure your doors are sturdy and make of strong material. Using a deadbolt or a padlock to your garage door throw latch when you’re out of town adds extra security.

Garage Door Locks

Several types of locks can be used to secure your garage door, including:

  • Automatic Openers: While technically not a lock, remote openers are extremely common and do typically include locks. Make sure you’re using one with rolling-code technology, which transmits a new code each time you use it. With over 100 billion codes, it’s unlikely a code grabber will steal yours.
  • Electronic Locks: This type of lock uses motors to engage and disengage the latch before operation. You can find versions that use fingerprints instead of keys. While they tend to be the most expensive, these are also among the most secure locks.
  • Digital Keyless Locks: A keyless lock provides high security and consists of a keypad on which you enter a code of your choosing.
  • T-Handle Locks: A T-shaped handle attaches to the outside of your garage door and turns, locking and unlocking using a cylinder-shaped key. The second most popular type of manual garage door lock, these are best used on metal doors.
  • Slide Locks: The most common, popular manual garage door lock and the simplest. This lock consists of a small metal box that is attached to the inside of your garage door on the left or right side. A bar slides through the door’s track to lock and unlock. Padlocks can be attached at the ends for extra security. These locks require a key or combination to use.

Call the Experts

Keep in mind that all doors providing access to your home should be secured, especially entryways leading to and from the garage. Denver Locksmiths can give you a full consultation to protect your space when you call us at: 303-617-3717. Our professional, experienced staff serves the Denver Metro Area and surrounding counties.

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