Ring, Ring Lock it Up

Unless you’re been under a rock… a really, really huge rock…you’ve heard of Ring Video Doorbell.

Video Doorbell (starting at $99) and Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro and Video Doorbell Elite (at $499) are advertised as the mechanism to warn away otherwise would-be intruders. The message for Ring Video Doorbells leans on the fact that when a potential burglar is seen on camera, he/she is more likely not to break in.

Ring works like this: the doorbell is hooked up to the homeowner’s Wifi. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the homeowner gets an alert and video of the visitor. The homeowner can talk directly to the visitor, answering from anywhere, the couch, the office or while halfway around the world on a beach vacation.

The homeowner can speak to the visitor, instructing that deliveries be left at the door or the side of the house. Or, if the visitor is suspicious, the homeowner can then alert the police.

Even if the visitor doesn’t ring the bell, the motion detector in the Ring device is activated and the owner gets an alert. The owner can speak over the system and warn the visitor to leave the premises.

Ring has 1 million customers, according to a report issued March 29, 2018 in USA Today. Since launch in 2013, the doorbell has been expanded to include motion detection lights with a camera, standalone security cameras and doorbell chimes.

Ring conducted a six-month pilot program in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Wilshire Park in 2015 installing Ring Video doorbells on 41 of 400 homes in the Koreatown neighborhood for free. For a period of six months between July and December 2015, no burglaries occurred at any of the houses installed with the smart video doorbell.

Would-be burglars don’t want to be seen.

But here’s the thing. You can install a Ring doorbell video system on your entry door and still be a victim. If you want adequate protection, you need Alexius Security, Denver’s locksmiths, to install proper deadbolts and entry locks to companion the peripheral effectiveness of the Ring Video Doorbell.

Our team at Alexius will walk you through choices, and there are plenty: keypad entry locks, single deadbolts and double key deadbolts. Locks that aren’t set properly in a door are ineffective. For example, if faceplate of the door lock exposes the latch bolt, it’s possible for an intruder to break in with something as simple as a credit card. The addition of a strike plate cover that extends from the handleset past the strike plate is a solution.

As well, we can change locks on your home. If you’ve given out keys to cleaning ladies, construction workers, babysitters and aren’t sure that all of your keys are in your possession, consider a rekey visit from Alexius.

Call us today for an audit of your home’s security needs.

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