It’s a slow mid-afternoon moment at a local coffee shop. There are two baristas behind the counter, click-clanging metal expresso machine parts as they clean the equipment before the next wave.

Upon being asked, “have either of you locked your keys in the car?,” both raise their hands in synchronicity. It seems the experience of locking oneself out from – and keys in – one’s car is all too common.

What did they do?

“I cried, then called my friend,” said the taller one, Kelly. “He was able to get it open with a hanger, though I hesitate to wonder how he knew how to do that.”

“I called my roommate,” said her co-worker, Melissa. “Luckily, she was home so I had her bring my spare fob.”

Melissa was lucky she had a spare. Then there are those who’ve bought a used car with one key or lost the spare they had. They’re typically going to need the service of a locksmith.

There are those who lose their fobik key outside of their car and never find it. Getting a new, original fobik key is going to be a more expensive service from a locksmith or even more expensive from a dealer.

Did you know that many fobs are programmable? It’s recommended that those with programmable fobs/keys possess at least three keys.

Many vehicles with programmable fobs actually require two programmable keys to clone a third. It’s an anti-theft feature of modern vehicles, as a programmed key has a unique “digital signature” and the vehicle must see two digital signatures – much like a safety deposit box.

A cloned key has the digital signature of your programmed key simply copied over to a new key. Both types work with your car since it’s the same digital signatures, but you need two programmed fob keys to clone a third.

Since a hardware store will not have the technical equipment to program an original digital signature or clone a copy, you’ll need to go to an auto locksmith for a fobik car key replacement, such as Alexius Locksmith, or a dealership. Really, who wants to go to a dealership and pay those prices?

If you only have one fob for your car, you might want to get another one today!  If you lose or break that final fobik key, a locksmith or dealership won’t have anything to copy and it’ll cost substantially more to get a new key.

Have at least one more fob programmed by a locksmith, then the third you might be able to purchase a self-programmable one as a clone. It’s less common in fobik keys. In any situation, Alexius Locksmith has you covered.

If you have two fobs for your car, consider at least one additional fob. You can get a Fobik car key replacement – and assistance – from Alexius Locksmith.

If you have multiple keys, but don’t know if they’re programmed or cloned, buy a fobik key, and try the self-programming method, if available for your car. If it doesn’t work, only one of keys is programmed or all of your keys are clones – and you need to get at least one more programmed by a locksmith.

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