Parking Lot Protection: Be Safer By Being Smart

14 Jul Parking Lot Protection: Be Safer By Being Smart

Whether it’s at home or at work, parked cars are tempting targets for thieves, vandals and violent criminals. By using a few commonsense precautions, you can go a long way to keeping yourself and your valuables safer.


Most criminals are opportunists, so the first line of defense is removing temptation. Park in places where you have a good view of your car and what’s around it. Parking garages have all sorts of hiding places for crooks, so try to find a spot that doesn’t give them cover. A good rule is to park where you can see at least 100 feet in any direction. That includes surface lots at night because darkness is as good a hiding place as any.

Use Valet Parking

Consider using valet parking if it’s available. Valet lots are usually more active and staff is present and aware of suspicious activity.

Hide Valuables

Don’t leave anything visible in your vehicle. Thieves have been known to break into cars for something as insignificant as a piece of mail. If you don’t want to take it with you, put it in the trunk. Glove boxes and consoles are too easy to break into.

Lock Vehicle Doors and Windows

Car alarms are good deterrents, but locked doors and rolled-up windows are even better. Smash-and-grab thieves can get into a car quickly and vanish before anyone reacts to an alarm.

Be Aware

Getting to and from vehicles is a safety consideration that’s often overlooked. Given that most parking lot assault victims say they never noticed their attacker until it was too late, situational awareness is your best strategy for avoiding purse snatchings, carjackings and kidnappings.

While you’re looking for a parking spot, pay attention to who’s in the area. Follow your instincts and don’t park in a spot where you see suspicious persons. Do the same when coming back to your car. If someone seems out of place or lingering about, don’t go to your car. Wait for them to leave or go back inside and contact building security or the police if they don’t.

Keep Your Keys Out

Have your keys out and ready to use well before you get to your car. Fumbling for them at the door is a distraction and gives a criminal an opportunity to approach you undetected. If you need to load or unload items, don’t let it cause you to let down your guard.

First Line of Defense

Good locks are your first line of defense for your car, your home and your business. Use them and keep them in good working order. If you need maintenance or repairs to any of your locks, the pros at Alexius Security, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths, are ready to help. And if you find yourself locked out of your car, home or business, our certified locksmiths are only a phone call away. We respond to emergency calls promptly, anytime day or night.

Our services go beyond simply working on locks. We can advise you about the best systems for your convenience and recommend security measures for all of your property so give us a call at 303.617.3717 or use our online contact form for prompt, professional attention to your security needs.

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