Mortise vs. Cylindrical Locks

18 Jun Mortise vs. Cylindrical Locks

Whether you live in an old or new home, spend your time in a modern office or historic building, the doors will have locks installed. The type of lock installed not only depends on the preference of the builder, but also the age of the structure. It’s important to know and understand which type of lock you trust your security to, and to update it if it falls short.

Locks fall into one of two categories: mortise or cylindrical. It can be hard to tell which is installed just from seeing the door exterior. Take a closer look.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are more commonly found in older structures and are also often found in commercial buildings. Heavier, sturdier and usually made of solid brass, this lock is perfect for high-frequency or heavy-duty uses. While more expensive than a cylindrical lock, a mortise lock is worth the extra cost as it includes a deadbolt, can last a lifetime and is aesthetically-pleasing (the old-world, thumb latch handle is very popular).

Consisting of several parts that must be assembled inside the door itself, the drawback to mortise locks is the difficulty of installation. A “pocket” must be carved into the door, into which the lock components box must fit. Components include the lock body, strike plate, keyed cylinder, lock trim and face plate/scalp.

The lock trim includes the inside and outside door handles, and is customizable, as is often the case with the face plate. However, you must use the manufacturer’s standard fasteners and the minimum door width to install the lock is 1.75 inches.

Cylindrical Locks

Cylinder locks are commonly found in newly constructed buildings. Easier to install and available in a wide variety of styles (even the thumb latch handle), these locks are very popular. All you need are two holes of the same size, drilled into your door, for the lockset and latch. Get your door pre-drilled by a professional for an even easier experience.

One drawback to this type of lock is that you will need to install a separate deadbolt for extra security. An additional hole must be drilled into your door to accommodate the deadbolt but for the extra protection, it’s worth it.

Lock Installation Experts

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