Lock Boxes for Realtors

30 May Lock Boxes for Realtors

If you’re currently selling or thinking of selling your home, having the right access system in place is a top priority. Still using the key under the mat technique? Step out of the 90’s and into today. Most realtors and listing agents in Denver use and prefer electronic locks. Homes using lock boxes get more showings than those that are by appointment only.

Electronic Lock Benefits

Also commonly known as Supra locks, electronic locks are considered more secure than combination lock boxes for several reasons:

  • The lock scans the user’s electronic keypad and drops the key from the bottom of the lock box. An infrared system records the user’s information, access time and keypad code. Unauthorized users are not allowed access and can be fined if caught.
  • Electronic locks can be programmed to operate only within certain hours.
  • Unlike combination lock boxes, electronic locks are not easy to crack and are not hard to open when covered in ice.

Cost Considerations

While more secure than its older counterparts, the electronic lock is also more expensive. Most go for around $150. However, many local realtors and multiple listing services may charge around $100 per box, while some full service agents give boxes to sellers free of charge.


Though some homeowners may feel more secure with the lock box out of plain sight, when placed away from the house or hidden somewhere hard to reach, agents may hesitate showing your place first. Burglars will assume a lock box is close by if there is a “for sale” sign in your yard anyway, so placing the box anywhere other than by your front door is not a strong theft deterrent. Unless the lock box will somehow damage the front door or interfere with using it, place it proudly on your door.

Realtors’ Preference

Still need convincing? Consider the issue from the real estate agent’s point of view: You have a long list of properties to sell and your buyers have tight schedules. Some of your properties show by appointment only, but most of them offer flexible options allowing you to come by with only short notice and give you access to your own key. Your clients are more comfortable without the seller there and you are more comfortable having easy access to the home without having to walk through mud or climb a tree. And you can show the place right now.

Step It Up

Alexius Security Lock & Key offers professional, highly-trained expertise in residential and commercial locksmith services. We want to do everything possible to keep you, your people and possessions safe. If you’re ready to step up your security, call us today: 303-617-3717.

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