Keyless Car Door Locks: Adding an Aftermarket Kit

10 Nov Keyless Car Door Locks: Adding an Aftermarket Kit

In earlier posts, we talked about replacing faulty electronic car door locks, but what if your classic ride never had one in the first place? How about stepping into the new century and getting one? You can have the convenience of keyless entry without changing your car’s appearance, keeping it in classic condition for shows and improving its value in the process. Here’s how.

Find A Source for Your Lock System

First, locate a source for the type of lock system your car has. Older models use a metal rod to connect the lock plunger to the lock mechanism, but many newer vehicles us a cable. You can get information at the A1 Electric Auto Accessories website, as well as a source for ordering different types of locks. We also found kits online at Other kits are available on Amazon and EBay, but we didn’t find much at the big auto parts stores like O’Reilly or Pep Boys, although it’s probably worth a call to them if you don’t want to order online. If you want a keypad system rather than a fob transmitter, take a look at KeylessSentryLocks. These systems require cutting a hole in the door for the keypad.

Installing the Keyless Door Lock

Regardless of the system you choose, installation is similar to replacing a faulty lock actuator, described in an earlier blog. The main differences are that you will not have pre-drilled holes for attachment inside the door panel and you will need to connect to a power source. Be especially careful to wire the hot side of the switch to a circuit that’s always on (an alarm circuit, for instance) or your remote won’t work unless the ignition’s on. After you use a regular key to get inside.

Save Time and Trouble

If you don’t feel like tearing your car doors apart and figuring out wiring diagrams, save yourself a lot of trouble and call Alexius Security Lock & Key, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths at 303.974.0215. We have the knowledge and equipment to select the locking system that’s right for your needs and install it properly for trouble-free operation.

Our mobile locksmith service answers every call 24/7 and responds promptly, arriving with the tools and know-how to get you going. We work on everything from cars and motorcycles to RVs, boats, aircraft and construction equipment, including those with sophisticated locking and theft-prevention systems, and all of our services come with an upfront, honest price quote before the work is done.

Alexius Security has served the Metro Denver area with honest, affordable locksmith services for over 16 years. Our staff is highly-trained, professional and courteous. Our business is bonded and insured and our products and services are guaranteed. That’s why we’ve received a Better Business Bureau Gold Star certification five years in a row and are part of Angie’s List and the Tom Martino Troubleshooter Network.

Just give us a call at 303.974.0215 or use our online contact form for prompt, professional attention to all your security needs.

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