High Security Sidewinder Key in Denver for your Honda Vehicle

14 May High Security Sidewinder Key in Denver for your Honda Vehicle

Whether you purchased your Honda vehicle new or used (several Honda models have held the top position for resale value many years running including the Honda Accord, Honda Fit and the Honda Ridgeline making them very popular used vehicles), you might find yourself in need of a car key replacement at some point. Or maybe you just need an extra spare around.

Honda Car Key Replacement When Lost

It’s never fun when you lose your car key, especially if you don’t have a spare one for your Honda vehicle. Maybe you just locked your key in the car, are on vacation and forgot your key was in your pocket before jumping into the pool or let your teenager drive your car and they don’t know what they did with your key! If you purchased your car used, it’s quite possible it only came with one key.

High-Security Keys for Honda Vehicles

Since Honda introduced laser-cut keys in 2002, you likely have this high-security key for your Honda vehicle. These high-security keys for Honda vehicles are also called a sidewinder key because of the snakelike groove cut down the middle of the key by a laser into both sides. They are thicker than regular keys to allow for the cuts on both sides. This style of key makes them much more difficult to copy, therefore enhancing the security. They also require special equipment to properly cut them, so only select locksmiths and car dealerships offer the service.

Many of Honda’s car keys are also transponders or remote equipped that allow you to lock and unlock the doors from the key fob. That means that when you get a key car replacement for your Honda CR-V, Pilot, Element or other model, it will need to be programmed as well to enable the electronic communication between your key and your Honda vehicle. The high-tech nature of today’s Honda cars keys means you won’t just be able to run down to the hardware store for a car key replacement when you need one.

Emergency Honda Car Key Replacement

Our Denver locksmiths provide emergency roadside assistance and can cut a new high-security key for your Honda vehicle on site. This ability to come to you wherever you are to get your car key cut on site gives Honda owners peace of mind no matter when or where they find out they have lost their car key.

When you need a car key replacement when lost for your Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey or other model, be sure to call your Denver locksmiths at Alexius Denver’s Locksmiths at 303-974-0215 who have the experience required to get you a Honda car key replacement on site.

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