Cylinder Replacement Part 1: Leave Car Door Lock Repair to the Pros

28 Sep Cylinder Replacement Part 1: Leave Car Door Lock Repair to the Pros

Whether it’s from wear and tear or damage due to an attempted break-in, lock cylinders can sometimes fail and need replacing. When it’s time for a new cylinder, there are important factors to consider—whether you’ve called a professional locksmith or if you’re tackling this as a DIY project.

The Right Fit

Aftermarket cylinders come in a variety of types and quality. Most are advertised as “direct fit,” meaning they can be installed without modification. Don’t presume that they’re universal or well enough made to avoid installation hassles.

A locksmith or car dealer knows what cylinder is right for your particular door. Most importantly, they know the difference in quality on the market. Cheap knock-offs are out there and cause more hassle than the few dollars you save. If you’re doing it on your own, check the manufacturer’s part number on your old cylinder and get one that’s an exact duplicate, either from a car dealer or a reputable auto parts supplier. Before you buy, check for a warranty and return policies.

Order Enough for Multiple Doors

Be sure to order the right number of cylinders. You may only have one damaged cylinder, but the replacement will be keyed differently from your original. If you want one key to work in multiple doors, you may need to order new matched cylinders for each.

Consider the Finish

Be sure to order a cylinder that looks right with your car, too. Most are available with either chrome or black finishes. Choose the finish that matches your other trim.

Plan for Assembly

Finally, while most replacement cylinders can be installed with common tools, you may need to do a fair amount of assembly of things like springs and tumblers. Make sure you read and follow instructions carefully or you might end up doing a lot of work just to find out it doesn’t work right once installed.

Avoid the Stress

Save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by having new cylinders installed by a professional locksmith. At Alexius Security Lock & Key, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths, help is just a call away. We have the knowledge and equipment to solve your lock cylinder problems.

When you need fast, affordable locksmith services, call Alexius Security at 303.974.0215. Our mobile locksmith service answers every call 24/7 and responds promptly, arriving with the tools and know-how to get you going. We work on everything from cars and motorcycles to RVs, boats, aircraft and construction equipment, including those with sophisticated locking and theft-prevention systems, and all of our services come with an upfront, honest price quote before the work is done.

Alexius Security Lock & Key, Denver’s Hometown Locksmiths, has served the Metro Denver area with honest, affordable locksmith services for over 16 years. Our staff is highly-trained, professional and courteous. Our business is bonded and insured and our products and services are guaranteed. That’s why we’ve received a Better Business Bureau Gold Star certification five years in a row and are part of Angie’s List and the Tom Martino Troubleshooter Network.

Just give us a call at 303.974.0215 or use our online contact form for prompt, professional attention to all your security needs.

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