Cellar vs. Basement Break-in Prevention

11 Jun Cellar vs. Basement Break-in Prevention

What is the difference between a cellar and a basement?  You may be thinking they are the same, but they are, in fact, two distinct things. A room is considered a cellar if less than half of it is above ground level. If more than half of it is above ground level, it is considered a basement. Both need protection, especially if they have windows or doors leading outside.

Doors and Windows

If your cellar or basement has an external entrance, make sure to take the necessary precautions to deter burglars, including:

  • Ensure your door is made of wood or metal
  • Entryway should be lighted with at least 40 watts (more for your own safety)
  • Conceal the entrance from plain sight as much as possible
  • Keep your door and windows in good repair
  • Windows should be covered from the inside so no one can look in
  • To strengthen your door, consider adding a door wrap and security strike to strengthen its frame

Lock Sets and Deadbolts

Beyond the points listed above, making sure you have the right type of lock on your cellar or basement’s exterior door is important. There are two main types of locks you can install on your door: a deadbolt and lock set mounted separately, or a handle set incorporating both. If you are using a handle set, in particular, check to make sure it has a dead-locking latch bolt, which cannot be jimmied with a credit card.

Deadbolts offer the strongest protection against break-ins. Make sure yours is mounted to the door and has at least a 1-inch throw. A double cylinder lock will also work. Deadbolt locks should contain hardened pins (so they are able to withstand sawing), heavy-duty plates and screws of at least 3 inches.

Keep in mind that some multi-unit buildings have strict code requirements for underground entrances, so make sure to check your local restrictions if you plan on updating your entryway.

Professional, Expert Service

Basement break-ins are a popular point of entry for many would-be thieves. Ease your mind and call us today at 303-617-3717 for a consultation about the right security measures for your home or office. We offer full locksmith services in the greater Denver Metro Area.

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