Car Key Replacement: Affordable, Custom Services – Ford F-150

Remember when the key to your car or truck was plain, single-sided, and easy to copy? Maybe there were two keys: one that started the engine and another that unlocked the glove box or trunk. If you lost your car key, it was no big deal; a copy was inexpensive and easy to obtain.


Car keys have undergone a sweeping technological evolution since Chrysler introduced the modern car key in 1949.  Ford was the first manufacturer to offer a double-sided key, in 1965, that allowed inserting the key into the ingition in either orientation. In 1986, General Motors debuted the Vehicle Anti-theft System (VATS) for the Corvette. It wasn’t long before this system appeared on other GM cars. By the 1990s, keyless entry fobs were the new standard. In 2004, the Pontiac GTO was one of the first to transition to laser-cut (also called sidewinder) keys that were much more difficult to copy.


New, smarter keys have helped to decrease the theft rate on some car models by 90 percent. It’s a whole new era for the car key, and prices to replace or copy them have skyrocketed.


One of the most common emergencies requiring a new car key is the key getting stuck in the ignition. If your car is an older model – mid-1990s or earlier – the unique cut of the key is probably its only security feature; this is easy and inexpensive to copy. If this happens in your newer-model Ford F-150, however, and you’re away from home, it’s a more complicated emergency; you don’t have many options.


What you need is an expert, trustworthy, competitively priced locksmith. Instead of having your  truck towed to the dealership, and paying for the towing and $200 or more for the labor and expertise to replace and reprogram a new key, call Alexius Denver Locksmiths’ emergency roadside service.


We are available to manage your emergencies 24/7, 365 days/year. All of our certified professional technicians are qualified to extract the broken key from the ignition switch, and replace and reprogram your key(s) on the spot. We are much more affordable than the local dealerships and our products and work come with a 90-day guarantee.


If you have lost the key to your Ford F-150, or locked it in the vehicle, or the transponder isn’t working, Alexius Locksmiths can call on you anywhere in Metro Denver and replace and reprogram your key. Alexius Denver’s Locksmiths are the car key replacement experts, serving Denver’s Front Range for more than 16 years. Call us at 303-974-0215 or learn more about our services at

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