Camper Locks and Latches – How Safe is Your RV?

21 Oct Camper Locks and Latches – How Safe is Your RV?

Your RV or camping trailer is your home-away-from-home and as such, it deserves the same sort of protection you give your house. Stop and think about everything you have invested in it—personal belonging, furnishings, the camper itself—and you begin to realize what a tempting target it could be.

Whether at home or on the road, follow these hints and you’ll have a safer RV or trailer:

Keep Doors and Windows Locked

The same common sense you use at your house applies to your RV.

Upgrade Your Locks

The locks that come with recreational vehicles can be flimsy. Replace the standard door handle with one that is sturdy and has a good locking system. Reinforce or replace your window locks, too. And don’t overlook your outside storage compartments.

Remove Temptation

Use curtains or privacy screens to keep opportunistic thieves from doing a smash-and-grab. That goes for the windshield, too. When you’re not driving, of course.

Use Motion Detector Lights

Special lights designed for RVs give the same protection you have at home.

Install a Security System

Same as lights, there are systems designed specifically for campers.

Get a Safe

If you get broken into, a safe gives an extra layer of protection for valuable items like jewelry, papers and passports.

Boot a Wheel

Thieves will avoid a vehicle or trailer with a boot because it prevents rolling, takes too long to remove and draws attention.

Use a Hitch Lock

If you’re pulling a trailer or fifth wheel, the last thing you need is to come back from a hike and find it gone. A good-quality hitch lock solves the problem.

For more information about RV locks, take a look at this article on The Fun Times Guide. And when it’s time to upgrade your RV and trailer security, the pros at Alexius Security, The Denver Locksmiths, can help you choose and install the system that’s right for you.

Our services go beyond simply working on locks, too. We can advise you about the best systems for your safety and convenience and recommend security measures for all of your property. Just give us a call at 303.617.3717 or use our online contact form for prompt, professional attention to your security needs.

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