Beef Up Your Home Security with an Alarm System

10 Sep Beef Up Your Home Security with an Alarm System

Last month, we began a series of articles describing the most budget-friendly home security tools and assets you should invest in, and we continue this with a more in-depth look at alarm systems for your home.

Part of the foundation of any home’s security should be a good alarm system. While you can start out with a simple, non-monitored alarm that you install yourself, ultimately there are tons of upgraded alarm systems that will fit the bill as the need to keep your home security system up-to-date grows.

If you don’t currently have an alarm system in your home, or have one that doesn’t offer much in the way of features, then you should read on to see comparisons of different alarm system levels, the typical costs and features. From all of this, we anticipate that you will find an alarm system to best fit your needs and budget.

DIY Non-Monitored Alarm Systems

If your budget dictates a self-installed alarm system without monitoring, you’ve got a lot of options. These systems alert you via smartphone if you have an intruder but will not notify police. In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons, and read more below to learn about specific types of non-monitored alarm systems.

– Budget-friendly
– Many options
– Smartphone intruder alerts

– Self-install
– Do not notify police of intruders

Simpli Safe Home Alarm Systems

The SimpliSafe home alarm system is a wireless DIY system for homeowners on a budget. However, the options for sensors are almost unlimited. You can choose from packaged systems that include the base unit and a specified number of sensors, or you can create your own package based on your own needs.

Packaged systems start around $230 and go up depending on what’s included. Keep in mind that if you start off with a small packaged system, you can always add sensors a-la-cart if you need to. Since it’s a wireless system, the installation is a breeze that can be completed in an afternoon. With a rating of 4.5 stars from over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this is definitely one of the better options for DIY that can grow with you as you need.

DIY Non-Monitored Home Alarm Systems on Amazon

Speaking of Amazon, this is where you will find the largest selection of DIY non-monitored home alarm systems. With systems starting as low as $199, you will be able to find a system for your needs and within your budget. Most of these systems will come packaged with a set of sensors for your doors and windows, so make sure you know how many you will need.

Monitored Alarm Systems

If you feel a monitored alarm system is more your style and need the peace of mind that comes with a monitored system, then this option is for you. Many of these systems can be configured for your home with various types of sensors (doors, windows, etc.) and an array of keypads. Keep in mind, these systems require installation by a professional, and are hard wired to your home electrical system with a battery back up in case of power outage.

– Monitored
– Home configuration for various sensors
– Keypad options
– Battery backup for outage protection
– Professional home installation

– More expensive; contract-based monthly payments are common
– Requires professional installation
– Requires hardwiring to your home for battery backup power outage protection

Home Automation Systems

If you are the type that likes to stay up-to-date with technology and are looking for a full feature home automation system incorporating home security, then this is your solution. These systems are always installed in your home by a professional and include features such as the following pros:

– Remote and in-home lighting control
– Remote and in-home thermostat control
– Remote locking and unlocking of doors
– Remote and in-home arming and disarming of the home security system
– Security cameras
– Professional home installation

– Requires professional installation
– More expensive; installation and monthly monitoring costs

The professional installation consultant typically covers all of the options that are available for your home automation system, and will also help you integrate the system on your smartphone and tablet for use in the home or remotely.

These systems often start at $599 (plus installation and monthly monitoring) and go up based on the level of automation you are wanting for your home.

When it comes to home automation systems, the sky is the limit. The good news is that you can start with a basic automation system that grows with you, or add all of the options at once and enjoy a truly automated home with the best security products in the business.

If you are considering a home security alarm system for your home, or are now looking to upgrade your current system, call us at 303-974-0215 or schedule an appointment with one of our home security consultants.

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