Backyard Fences: Lock ‘Em Up

05 Jun Backyard Fences: Lock ‘Em Up

Backyard security may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about protecting your home or business, but it deserves attention. If you’re not so concerned about human intruders, remember Denver’s wildlife. Deer, raccoons, coyotes, bears and mountain lions are out there and capable of trampling your gardens, destroying your lawn furniture and even breaking and entering if they so desire.

Build a Fence and Lock It

To discourage unwanted visitors, it’s wise to have a fence protecting your backyard area. Whether you prefer wooden, chain link or vinyl fencing options, there are many types of locks to choose from that will secure your space.

  • A simple string locking system is as basic as it gets for wooden fences. This tried and true method is also the least secure and offers next to no protection.
  • Padlocks are nearly the opposite; they offer high protection but are not as flexible if you need to allow certain people access to your yard.
  • Slide locks are a great option for vinyl fences. Brackets attach to the inside of the fence’s door, latching the door in place and locking it when closed.
  • Gate latches are a popular choice, as there are many variations to choose from to fit nearly every need.

More About Gate Latches

There are two types of gate latches to pick from: one-way latches or two-way latches. The two-way latch is both easy to find and more secure, as it operates from both sides of the fence or gate door, so consider installing one of the following:

  • Thumb Latch: This comes with a thumb depressor plate that attaches to the outside of in- swinging gate doors. To open, press the depressor to lift the latch. The latch will close on its own when you close the door. Some thumb latches are lockable, but not all.
  • Ring Latch: If you have an in-swinging and out-swinging gate, this option works for both. While some lock and some don’t, each side of the latch has a ring which turns to move the latch arm. You can find ring latches that are spring-loaded or gravity-assisted.
  • Lever Latch: This operates the same as a ring latch, but a lever exists in place of the ring. Keep in mind that for each of these latch types, the latch arm must be installed on the side of the door the gate is opening toward.
  • Bolt Latch: You can now find this old-school latch built with a key locking feature, making it accessible from both sides of the gate. The key bolt can be on just one side or on both, and the latch may be lockable from both sides or not. For extra security, some latches allow you to add a padlock.

Many other types of locks are out there, capable of protecting your fence and outdoor space. For more recommendations and to get your questions answered, give us a call at 303-617-3717. Our locksmiths are honest and professional, offering complete services in the Colorado Rocky Mountain region.

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