5 Locksmith Secrets Revealed

21 Oct 5 Locksmith Secrets Revealed

The career of a locksmith is one often shrouded in mystery. Although it is a long-standing trade in society, there is a much darker theme to most people regarding where the skills were learned and how they are used.

We will shed some light on the myths, and unveil the often times no-so-dark truths about the world of the locksmith, as well as how to keep your home safe.

  1. A lot of locksmiths do undercover work for the police

    While it’s true that we make keys for police departments just as we do for many organizations, we do in fact sometimes let them into buildings so they can use that space for surveillance or to plant bugs and listening devices. Yes, this is often a thrilling part of what we do.

  1. Contractors are lousy at installing deadbolts

    Sadly, it’s a true fact. Most times when we are called to go out and re-key or replace a lock at a home, we find that a pretty bad job was done on the installation. Always consider having a locksmith install your locks. It would be like calling us to install your windows.

  1. The best lock is a properly installed deadbolt

    True. A properly installed deadbolt lock will have a one-inch “throw” and on the strike side (the door frame) there should always be a security plate with 3” or longer screws to go into the doors wooden frame.

  1. Use a double cylinder lock to avoid break-ins

    True. This is especially true if you have a window close to the door or in the door itself. A burglar can break a window and be inside in a matter of seconds when you have a turn-lock inside. But, if you have a double cylinder that requires a key on both sides of the door to lock and unlock it, they will usually pass up the opportunity. Remember; never leave the key in the lock inside or out. It’s an open invitation.

  1. Keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate’ are duplicated

    Sadly, this is also true. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hardware store or home improvement center that won’t make you a duplicate, no matter what is stamped on the key.

Alexius Denver’s Locksmith has been providing security to homes and commercial buildings for over 16 years. We care about your safety and the safety of your family. If you have questions about your locks or home security in general,call us at 303-974-0215 to schedule an appointment with one of our home security professionals.

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