10 Types of Safes to Keep Your Valuables Secure

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Whether you’re storing diamonds or digital data, all of us have valuable possessions we want to keep out of harm’s way. That’s why we use safes! With so many types of safes to choose from, it can be difficult picking the right one.

Do you need a wall safe to stay discreet, a fireproof safe for your important paperwork, or perhaps a gun safe to store your firearms? Regardless of the use, we’ll help you decide which type of safe will work for your needs. Let’s dive into the world of safes to see which solution would best protect your valuables!

Top 10 Safes: The Best One for Your Items

If you’re on the hunt for the best safe locker for home usage, or just looking for a spot to stash your prized collectibles, you can’t just pick any old safe. Aside from picking the appropriate locks for your safe, you need to also choose the right safe that’s the best fit for the job.

To help you decide on choosing a reliable safe, we’ll guide you through a list of the top ten safes and their general purposes. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of which safe can best protect your valuable belongings.

1. Floor Safe

ADL-Lock on floor

As the name suggests, a floor safe is installed in the ground to keep its whereabouts concealed. These kinds of safes can easily be hidden in areas such as beneath a carpet or under your furniture. This type of safe is typically used to store items like money or important documents, and they can come in a variety of sizes.

If you decide to go with a floor safe, be sure to choose one in a size that can properly fit your belongings. When having this safe installed, it is important to consider other components such as floor thickness and the location it will be installed.

2. Wall Safe

ADL-wall safe

This type of safe is set up directly into your wall, which can further open new possibilities when it comes to concealing its location. Wall safes can be hidden behind paintings, mirrors, or other wall decorations and are meant to store similar items that are held in floor safes, such as cash or documents. This is one form of safe that can be hidden right in plain sight.

As with floor safes, it is important to consider the location of installation when having this safe set up. This form of safe also may come in a variety of sizes. Wall thickness and its proximity to structures in your home like doors are also factors that should be kept in mind.

3. Fireproof Safe

ADL-Fireproof safe with money

Looking for a more suitable safe to store your most sensitive documents? This is where a fireproof safe comes in handy. With this type of safe, you can remain stress-free knowing that your important documents or paper money will not be reduced to ashes or damaged by smoke in the case a fire starts.

Fire safes can contain different capabilities concerning how long they can withstand the heat from flames. As such, if you’re looking to protect your flammable items with the utmost care, consider investing in a fireproof safe that can withstand even the hottest of blazes.

4. Gun Safe

ADL-Gun inside safe

If you are a gun owner and need a secured place where your firearm can’t easily be accessed by anybody (especially children) but yourself, this type of safe will provide the solution. Gun safes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so consider getting one that is adequate for storing your firearm.

With this, gun safes can contain numerous security measures and safe locking mechanisms for protecting your guns, such as biometric locks or pry-resistant doors. When going with this safe, keep in mind the type of gun you have and the available space at your disposal to choose an appropriate gun safe.

5. Burglar-proof Safe

ADL-Metal safe

Burglar-proof safes are specifically designed to prevent forced entry and tampering in case a thief is near your valuables. These safes are generally great when it comes to protecting items with high value, and they can come with numerous different locking mechanisms and sizes.

Burglar-proof safes also generally utilize casings that are designed to prevent drilling or prying. Choosing a proper safe of this type should be based on the levels of security you need for your items, the size of your valuables, and the location where you wish to install the safe.

6. Jewelry Safe

ADL-Fancy lock box

If you’re in search of something specifically made to safeguard precious gems, a jewelry safe may be your best option. These kinds of safes are designed to provide the best care for your jewels or collectibles, and they come with a variety of options such as velvet lining on the inside or interior lighting.

7. Depository Safe

ADL-Depository box

A depository safe is an ideal option if you solely need to store cash. This type of safe is typically used by businesses that need a dependable method of storing their finances, and that makes it the perfect option for stores or restaurants. Generally, a depository safe can have items stored via a chute, removing the need to open the safe.

8. Diversion Safe

ADL-Safe in desk

It may be wise to go with a diversion safe if concealment is a top priority of yours. These safes are made to mimic ordinary items or furniture so that they can easily be hidden even in plain sight

These safes are great for tricking potential thieves and burglars, and they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

9. Data Safe

ADL-Locked hard drive

Those with sensitive digital files or data could benefit from having a data safe. This safe is primarily used to securely house items that contain electronic media, such as USB drives, hard drives, or solid disk drives.

These safes can have heat protection and resistance to humidity and water to protect your data from being damaged. They also may consist of a variety of locking mechanisms, sizes, and shapes.

10. Portable Safe

ADL-Case with lock

A portable safe is one that is recommended for those who find themselves always on the go. These safes are designed to be easily transported and carried around, and some are small enough to be stored in a small bag or backpack.

They can utilize locks such as combination locks or key locks and, depending on the one you purchase, they can obtain features such as water resistance or alarms. They are particularly useful if you find yourself traveling with valuable goods.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know your safe types and their different uses, you can better decide which safe would work best for your needs. If you want the best safe locker for home use, perhaps you’d want to go with a wall, floor, or burglar-proof safe. Finding yourself frequently on the move may persuade you into getting a portable safe.

No matter the case, a safe is not simply just a lock box, but a home security system for your important items. As such, when investing in a safe, it is advised that you take the time to consider your security, size, and location requirements so that you can make the best choice in choosing a safe to protect your valuables.

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