Home Security Systems: A New Landscape

20 Aug Home Security Systems: A New Landscape

According to a current market research report by Parks Associates, 27 percent of U.S. households will have a home security system by 2021. This reflects a 3.7 percent growth rate for the industry. Although businesses have been electronically protecting their property and assets for more than 150 years, until recently, home security systems have not been considered an amenity for the average household.



Augustus Russell of Sumerville, Massachusetts patented the first electro-magnetic burglar alarm 1853. In 1857, Edwin Holmes acquired the rights and began manufacturing the device in 1858. The company had 1200 customers by 1866. American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) purchased Holmes Burglar in 1905, linking an emergency call system for police and fire departments. By the late 1800s, American District Telegraph (ADT) had New York City customers connected to a central monitoring station.


By the 1940s, there was a proliferation of hidden alarm systems in banks, museums and other commercial institutions. By the 1980s, alarm systems were standard in commercial buildings. With small cameras now offering quality resolution, the “nanny cam” found popularity among parents wanting to keep an eye on their children.


So Many Choices

Consumers now have a myriad of options for home security that can be tailored for the homeowner’s particular needs. Components can be purchased separately and easily self-installed; self-monitoring via smart phone or computer is an option. On the other end of the spectrum is the complete package: 24/7 professional monitoring, infrared sensors, smart locks, connection to local emergency services, and full integration with other smart electronic devices in the home.


There are many reasons to consider a security system for your home:

  • Peace of mind, especially for the disabled or elderly
  • Ability to monitor your house when you’re away
  • Faster access to help in an emergency
  • Insurance savings- Homeowners usually receive a 10-20% discount for having a home alarm system installed
  • Discourages burglars – homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted
  • Gives you time to get out of the house
  • Protection – Early warning systems signal authorities
  • Fights crime in your neighborhood
  • Protection for pets when you’re away
  • New wireless systems require less maintenance


It’s important to thoroughly investigate all of your options. Self-installation costs more up-front for equipment; however, many of the larger commercial companies require a contract that can cost more in the long run. Self-monitoring via a smart phone app doesn’t necessarily provide a direct line to emergency services. Some security companies still require a landline.


Today’s security technology allows you to remotely arm or disarm your security system, verify visitors, turn lights and other utilities on and off. The down side to relying on cell phone apps is that this is Colorado. How do you monitor your security system when you are out of cell phone service range? You need an expert to answer this and other questions you may have about upgrading your home security.


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